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IGot a decision to make as a basic Novice to SLRs and Now the Digital Zoom comparisons.. I do like Panasonic Quality in everything they make..However I am now looking at ease of use for myself and Wife in a 10X -12X zoom camera..Would the Fz10s be more user friendly (automatic mode) or would the Kodak DX6490 be easier to use?? I would be using it for family pictures,vacation pictures and some longer nature shots. Open to any thoughts from You experts out here??..thanks shooter1 at [email protected]
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I can't compare with the kodak but i can comment on the ease of use of the fz10, and it is superb. There are a number of pre-set options for certain conditions and the menus are quick and easy to access and operate. Although i have had a few digital cameras i have still very much got my L plates on as far as manual photography is concerned as in the past i have been a point and shooter. However this camera has got a great learning curve and i already feel like i am more familier with manual settings than i ever did with any of my previous cameras. Its very easy to use and even more fun trying to master it.It is ideal for the kind of photography you mention and i would recommend it to you, I am sure you would not be disappionted if you went for it.
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I have a FZ10 and love it. I only tried the DX6490 in the shop, but immediately liked it too. I took an instant dislike to the heavy, slippery soap bar of the Olympus C750UZ although all reviews say it takes excellent pictures. In the end, the large lens and optical stabilisation in the FZ10 won me over, and I have no regrets.

The DX6490 weighs much less than the FZ10 and so you would find it easier to carry and use. I find the FZ10 to be a noticeable weight, both when taking pictures, and when just carrying it around. The Kodak nearly won on this issue alone.

When reviewing pictures, the DX6490 is very slow at showing a 4x zoom of the shot. The FZ10 is nearly instant. I really liked the DX6490's little joystick for panning round looking at details in the shot and find the FZ10 panning to be a little slow. The FZ10 allows you to zoom all the way to 16x in review mode, so on balance, the FZ10 wins this part.

The DX6490 has a little wheel under your right index finger which makes setting aperture and shutter speed in manual mode a breeze. The FZ10 makes you press several buttons on the back. The DX6490 wins easily in this aspect of ergonomics.

Focusing speed is important too. Unfortunately, I can no longer recall the focussing speed of the DX6490. Maybe you can find a mention of it in a review. I usually have no trouble with the FZ10, though in low light conditions it is not much chop.

Finally, once you are home, relaxed and comfortable, the picture quality is all important. The reviews I read gave the DX6490 poor marks for its aggressive JPEG compression. Neither camera has a RAW or TIFF mode, so you have to rely on the compressed pictures every time. The FZ10 does not compress so much, so more of the original detail remains.

I admit I didn't do exhaustive testing, but I'm confident the resulting pictures are better on the FZ10 simply due to JPEG compression levels, not even counting the lens and stabilisation system. This probably doesn't matter much at normal viewing size, but I expect it to be more important when you want to print an A4 sized version of some fabulous once in a lifetime shot you got when visiting foreign lands.

In the end, I chose the full featured FZ10 over the light DX6490. If your arms are weaker, you might go the other way.
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Thanks for the info..now I jjust need to pass muster with the boss my wife...LOL
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