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Krzystof Mar 8, 2006 4:45 PM

in a nutshell: which one should i go for?

Mainly i use my camera for travel stuff: usual sort of subjects, wildlife, landscapes. maybe a little sport etc.

i the UK the FZ 5 costs £262 with a 512 mb card

the FZ7 costs £325 with the same card

Telecorder Mar 8, 2006 11:48 PM


Welcome! See that you just joined and this is your third posting... You question is a little hard to make a definitive recommendation. I've had my FZ5 since last November and really like it - no problems with the cam what-so-ever and I would recommend it for those that it would fit their needs.

I can say that its taken me 2-3 months of use to get to a point where I can pretty well get good photos in most cases. But I can also state that, for my main subject of interests (Birds in flight/raptors), I'm realizing that it does have some short comings that would be better served by moving up to the FZ7 or FZ30.

Notably, Manual Focusing; Availability of an in-camera crop to afford a greater optical zoom; longer exposure times; sometimes usable high ISO of 800/1600...

The FZ7 is the upgrade to the FZ5 and, thus far, has gotten pretty good reviews and comments from the early owners.

So, the bottom line is to consider your primary usage - From your listed indications, I'd probably have to recommend that you opt for the FZ7 since you indicated wildlife and a little sport. In both of these cases, the FZ7 will offer those improvements that I'm finding a little lacking for my similar interests-- both wildlife and sports usually will entail some distance (more weighting of valuefor the increase in zoom) and higher ISO for increase in shutter speed availability (Moving subjects).

Actually, either one will probably work for you. If price point is an issue, the FZ5 will probably start going down with its replacement being out and it would serve as a good learning tool to see if your actual usage turns out to be less demanding of motion and distant subjects. If price point is not that much of an issue, the FZ7 would be a good system to have the advantage of working with the FZ5's improved version...

Either way you decide to go, keep up the posting and let the forum members help as you grow!

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