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In the few months since I got my Panny and started visiting this forum, I have learned a lot from many of the good people who post here.
One of the best features of this forum is how we are encouraged to post the results of our efforts and some of the photos posted are truly inspiring.
Although no expert, there are other shots which I feel could be improved one way or another.
And here is the problem. Should we risk offending someone by offering constructive criticism of photos posted here?
From personal experience in camera club competitions I know it can be a bummer, (and a learning experience) to display a shot you think is a winner only to have it picked apart. Of course, this forum is not a competition.
Personally, I welcome any comments, negative or positive. We are all capable of evaluating what others have to say and either rejecting or accepting, (and therefore learning from) that opinion.
Do you want to see less or more constructive criticism of photos posted on this forum?


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I cannot say "I'm an expert on photography", nor I take great shots. But, if I'd learned something about to take good photographs, I must admit that I owe this capability to criticisms on such kind of forums.

IMO, every comment should be welcome asit's a way of learning and sharing somehow. There's no reason to be offended -and shouldn't be- because any critisim on a photograph is not only a rating but also a real lesson for all users (not only for the one who is criticised).

The point is, the comments should be made logically and in detail, which is telling what the problem really is and what may be the solution. That's why, I'd ratherprefer comments which tells "It's not so bad, but you could've madeit betterby increasing aperture/ISO etc.." than such comments like "It's ok" only..

I dunno if I can explain it :roll:

- Mert
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Old Mar 19, 2006, 7:04 PM   #3
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obviously, i can only speak for myself, but if someone looks at one of my photos and can offer me a way to make it better, i'm all ears! sometimes the comments aren't of much value, because they relate tothings that we just can't do much about, but there are plenty of things we can control, and if no one tells us how to improve them, how will we learn? perhaps by trial and error, but for my part, having someone more experienced offer me some advice to bypass some of that trial and error canshorten the learning curve immensely!
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Old Mar 19, 2006, 8:11 PM   #4
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Agree with the above as long as contributors don't criticise because they think they have to...bit like your posting of the King Parrot. The original was truly excellent but a couple of others wrongly thought they could improve it...Sometimes I think too much emphasise is placed on the technical aspects such as noise and not on the picture. Keep them parrots coming Max
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Old Mar 20, 2006, 9:00 AM   #5
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i remember that parrot post and agree, the original was by far the best (no offense to anyone who offered up their PS changes!). if it doesn't look good out of the camera, i think you're doing something wrong! i don't like too much post processing, that being said, it is sometimes very difficult to re-create what is it our amazing eyes are seeing. perhaps post-processing can make a photo look better, but if you re-create the image you saw with the camera, can post-processing make the original scene better than we saw it? to me, that is the crux of photography and post processing.
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Old Mar 20, 2006, 9:33 AM   #6
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Bootneck2 wrote:
a couple of others wrongly thought they could improve it...
Hold it. That "wrongly" is your opinion. This is an open forum and anyone can have their say. It will become readily apparent who is here strictly for criticism. Theoverwhelming majority are here for help- giving it and/orasking for it. When you post an image, no matter how close to perfection you may think it is, there may be someone who has an opinion - and it is nothing more than that -as to how it might be improved. If you're likely to be upset by the possiblity of that happening, don't post the image.
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Old Mar 20, 2006, 9:48 AM   #7
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People post for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they just want to share things they've seen. Sometimes they want feedback: constructive criticism, praise, ideas of alternative ways to process and present their photos. . . .

I think the people in this forum generally give and receive this feedback in a good spirit. I also think that people generally respond well when alternative presentations are offered. Sometimes they agree that the alternatives are improvements and sometimes they disagree.

The thing to remember is that whenever someone offers an alternative they are complimenting the original idea - they think there is something worthy of further consideration and examination.

Feedback of all kinds is the greatest benefit of participating in a forum like this. I think we all learn by getting feedback about our own photos and by reading the ideas posted in other threads. We also learn by offering feedback because that forces us to think through and articulate our ideas. It also helps us think about things to apply in our own photography. I know I've learned lots by both means. I hope it's beginning to show in my photographs.
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Old Mar 20, 2006, 9:57 AM   #8
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This was a hotly debated issue at one time, since criticism (constructive or not) can be offensive (or embarassing) to some people (both the photographers and the subjects, since sometimes the subjects of photos read the threads, too).

Our solution was to start a forum specifically for posting photos where critique is wanted.

Critiques and Techniques Forum

Unless someone specfically asks for critique, then it's best not to offer any (the exception is our Critiques and Techniques Forum where it can be assumed that by posting an image, critique is welcome).

Make sure to read the Forum Guidelines before posting or offering critique there.

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Old Mar 20, 2006, 10:58 AM   #9
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I was going to say that having constructive criticism or better still constructive advise is the best way to improve, and like squirrl if there's anything that I can do to improve a shot I'm all ears!

Right from the start the advise that was given on the forum by NickT, Boyzo, Fred and Co when I started was to go and take shots and post them and see what kind of repsonse/feedback you get back. Its helped me no end and occassionaly, if your like me someone may point out that your not using the camera correctly at all :? !! That was done via a PM and they not only praised what I was doing well - like composition but also pointed out what I was doing wrong - ie my aperture and shutter settings, exposure, wb and advised to try to the camera in full manual mode. It has helped me to no end.

Jim's suggestion of using the Critiques and Techniques Forum would be ideal if your looking for real critique - you post a shot knowing that you will be getting advise from some really good photographers. I've also started posting the odd the shot on Dgrin's "Whipping Post' and have been pleasantly suprised with the critique and tips to improve them.



:G :?

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Old Mar 20, 2006, 11:13 AM   #10
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If someone asks for advise or critique, it's fine to give it (even if it's not in the Critiques and Techniques Forum ).

It's probably a good idea to observe some basic "netiquette" when offering critique, too (which is one reason we posted some Forum Guidelines for our Critiques and Techniques Forum

But, if someone doesn't specifically ask for critique (or advise on how to improve a shot), then it's not a good idea to give it (since it can offend or embarass the poster or subjects in the photos).

We all sometimes post photos that we're proud of for various reasons. even though the images are not "technically good" (and I usually know that about mine), since we're more interested in sharing the fond memories.

But, when you critique a photo without being asked to do so, it can cause some hurt feelings, depending on the poster's expectations.

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