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I hope this thread hasn't been thrashed to death before. If it has, I apologize. I looked back a ways in the archives and didn't find anything about this subject. I was curious what everyone's opinion is about using continuous AF on the FZ1/3/10/15/20. I know that it will supposedlyincrease the drain on your battery, and I suppose it will add a littlewearand tear on the focusing mechanism as it continually hunts to find the best focus as you move the camera around. I have tried it a few times, but I usually leave it turned off. What I see in the EVF is not always razor sharp, but I prefer to half press the shutter button to get a focus lock, (which then turns the viewfinder sharp)and then take the shot. Any comments? Thanks.

OOPS! I just looked at the thread title. that should read "Continuous auto focus"

I found out how to edit the post, but not the header!
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If the camera has that function, then the engineers who designed the camera should be aware enough to make the parts to a continious use standard. Weather they did or not is another question.

I use mine in situations, for example... Taking pictures of birds. They move so fast that a lot of times you need to focus quikly. Or... For Panning, so there is a better chance that the subject will stay sharp. The same goes with sports, or anything where the subject could move out of focus.

If I am shooting landscapes, the moon, or things that are not moving, then I turn it off. Because it does run the batteries down faster.

Speaking of batteries, I am glad that they designed all the FZ cameras to use the same battery. This makes them easier to get, and when the FZ20 gets fazed out and I get my FZ30, hopefully I can use the same batteries.

Hope this helps...

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After reading a lot of threads one should absolutely buy a second accu-pack because the camera needs a lot of power using this feature.
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