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This is the closest I have been able to come to matching the quality of sharpness and clairty I see here from other posters. The only problem is, I don't know what I did Different.

Most of my shots are not nearly a crisp, like the one below. I ususlly don't use a tripod, but brace the camera on something sturdy, if available.

Any suggestions would be welcome.

Thanks for looking and commenting.


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The cow bird photo is pretty nice, there may be room for a little improvement but its a nice photo.

And the Blue Jay photo is pretty nice for 3.3X digital zoom....I would not expect much better.

Both those photos should be able to be taken with no tripod and with the IS set on mode 2.
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Nice shots, especially the first one.I find that I get better results(sharper focus) from a second shot(burst mode) as far as sharpness goes as the shutter goes down automaticly and no preasure is applied causing slight movement .The more zoom the more it matters.

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I like the first one. Good DOF, though it would be nice if the tip of his tail wasn't cropped off.

The second one looks close, but it appears the camera may have focused on the bird bath instead the bird. What focus setting were you using?

The only other thing I see that might a difference is that the first one was shot at a higher aperture than the second.

I struggle with shots like this too. I don't do well without a tripod. There's only so much OIS can do.
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Yap, preety much agree with everybody else. Use the wide open aperture, turn of the digital zoom (you get better results by cropping and using interpolation to resize) and use IS mode 2. Something that nobody mentioned is the use of spot mode, in the second picture of the blue jay the evaluative mode probably got tricked with the bird bath, so it's best to use spot mode to focus on something that is of best interest to you (like the eyes) or in this case the texture of the feathers. Good luck and good pictures!
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