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normjackson Aug 6, 2003 10:33 AM

DMC-FZ1 + wide angle convertor
A while back Otime posted a message about wide angle convertors and the DMC-FZ1. I've been sitting on this link for a while :
I think it shows fairly good performance with Olympus WCON-08 (to get 28mm equivalent). The slightly wider "Hakuba" lens shows a bit more distortion and edge softness. Not too bad though.

I've heard of a few convertors which work well Canon G2/G3 which are also said to work well with the DMC-FZ1. So here's a couple of pages on converters and the Canons; first shows piccies of converters (of course the WCON-08 is big....), second has links to show how they perform with Canon G3 :

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