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Old Jul 14, 2004, 7:22 AM   #1
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Hi guys,

I´m am going to buy my second camera (I own a Canon A70). I´mlooking for a DMC-FZ10 or a Olympus 5060. I know that are a diferent cameras.

I like the DMC-FZ10 because it has a "non taking everywhere" looking. The problem is that I never hold a Panasonic DMC-FZ10 (...i never saw it...just on the web)..so i don´t know ifit is durable...hard plastic.....durable....small....big....heavy...).

How about the battery? Lens? Body?

Canyou guys help me in this hard decision!!!!!!!!!!!!Please....

Thanks...(sorry my english).


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i have the same problem in canada, so since i live very close to the US border i want to a camera shop in detroit MI, USA to physically look at it and feel it. This camera is lighter compared to the Canon S1 IS i has looking at too. it is a good size to hold in hand. it is a hard plastic i think, should last even of knocked around a bit, the lens, well easy its lieca lens, one of the best, battery life is good from what i read, get a spare and bigger memory. i did not buy this camera yet as panasonic is announcing new products on July 20th, so i am interested in what is there and availability, but will most likely still get this camera in late July....

i've researched for 5 month on camera's and this is 1 of the only ones with 12x stabalized lens and lots of manual control, i think as junior as i am , i can figure out how to take great pictures in various settings

good luck

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Old Jul 14, 2004, 1:59 PM   #3
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The whole camera is very solidly built, and in my opinion, near perfect weight.

REmember though, this is not a compact camera, and it wasn't meant to be. It is build, and feels like a SLR (a bit smaller). And it is very easy hold steady (something which is harder with lighter cameras).

I would recommending this if you want high quality pictures, and don't want to carry a DSLR with a lens that costs 3 times the FZ10, nor a tiny plastic toy camera (like too many cameras are now).

But panasonic came out with the FZ15 and FZ20 (not being sold quite yet, but they are announced), so you may want to look into that (no detailed specs yet). As even thought the FZ10 is a great camera, it does have a few short comings, and I am sure a bunch of them will be resolved in the newer models...

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Old Nov 10, 2005, 2:30 AM   #4
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Perhaps it's too late to give my opinion here, I like this camera. It is better compared to my previous Nikon Coolpix 3100 for feature and manual mode, but not for image quality! I think my tiny Nikon CP 3100 gives sharper pictures.

I have to state my disappointment that Panasonic which is represented by Panasonic Bob here is so stubborn for not offering firmware update with so many nonsense reasons, such as time consumed, expenses etc. Why other more famous Digital Camera manufacturer can give firmware updates? That is because they have better customer support. One of my best experience with Nikon is when I send Nikon at regional office in Asia an e-mail,its representative in Indonesia invites me to come to their office by phone! What a very nice response even compared to Canon.

I appologize if my comments are OOT but I think it's worth to mention that Panasonic support can be describe like this: "If you want improvement for this camera, buy the newer version! There is no more chance for you!!"

One more thing, Panasonic does not ready to sell their camera accessories as they are advertised. It's really hard to find!

In my newbie state, I agree that Panasonic has degraded Leica lens potential by not offering RAW or TIFF format. Eventhough "average users" may not need this format, at certain moments we want to store the images captured at their best quality!

This FZ10 may have been obsolete now but the marketing style and customer satisfaction applied by Panasonic still the same.

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