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hercules71185 Dec 14, 2007 12:55 AM

How can I take a pic of the water crashing over the rocks at a near by beach. I can speed the shutter up and take pics to catch the water droplets easily and they come out amazingly. But, how can I slow that speed down to get the water to look almost like fog as I've seen before. I boosted the iso as low as possible (only goes to 100) and f stop up to the max 8.0.. But, anything slower than 1/25 of a second today seemed to be a bright white image like an mythological creature was acending from the water. How do I get the captures I see people get? What settings do I play with? or what kinda filter do I need to get. Explain kinda detailed treat me as a retard since I'm new and the filter things throw me off.
for example
fz18 doesn't take lenses... ok fine I don't mind..
well it takes 2 the tele adapter and macro adapter so ok it takes those nothing else..
then I hear it takes polarized caps. that are 46mm.. is that it. Just look for 46 and purchase? then I see another site says something like 52mm.. I was guessing one was an insert the other outside.. yet.. another brain teaser.. What will fit? what to get. What to look for..
that is another whole question altho seemingly off topic. It relates because the adapter I might be able to use to "slowify" my pics. If there is such a thing..
Then another interesting lens was the IR one. infrared. To me this means night vision since its capturing reds that our human eye can't see. Yet no one answered will this ACTUALLy make a difference at night? or just an effect idea? Someone out there has all the answers I desire.. And I'd like that person to reply. is it you? haha any help will be thanked tho

genece Dec 14, 2007 8:22 AM

Let me first start by saying the FZ18 can use anything most cameras can use.....if its a simple thing like adding a Filter you only need to purchase 46mm filters they will screw right on the lens of the can add a polarizer there either circular or linear will work fine......I would get a linear one.

You also can use a polarizer for the silky water you are trying to capture.....but a ND 8 filter would be preferred ,perhaps in conjunction with a polarizer.......The ND8 will cause a 3 stop loss of light allowing you to increase the SS 6 try and explain lets say the way you are going about it now F8 and a 1/60th SS gives a properly exposed picture but not the silky water look a ND 8 filter added will permit a SS of 1/8th of a second and still giv a properly exposed picture and perhaps the silky water,if not add the polarizer on top and you should be able to use a SS of about 1/3 sec and hopefully then nice looking water.....Remember thats just an example it all depends on the light present at the time.

Now if you wish to add a teleconverter you should get the LA3 adapter from Panasonic it will permit you to add lenses with 55mm threads.

here is one source for that adapter

Oh and IR photography is not what you think here is a link explaining that

hercules71185 Dec 14, 2007 12:04 PM

THANK YOU that makes it much easier on me. I know a pretty good amount about the basics and things you can learn on your own. But, with no stores and no place to try out things. Its hard to figure out about lenses and other adapters. But, I get it now. So things like more than others I've seen. I've only seen one good pic of the slow shutter on water I'm trying to do. It looked like fog across a whole scene of rocks. How long of a shutter do you think it would take to get this effect? I figured 2 or 3 seconds. But, the 1/3 and 1/8 is more or less what you would need for a waterfall right?

ps I know that pic was at night, but, I've seen one with the effect in the day light. I wish I could find it tho.

genece Dec 14, 2007 10:11 PM

I aways try to get at least 1/4 second and longer if I can but so many times I am just there at the wrong time of day and have to settle for what I can use....I actually use 2 ND8 filters at times to try and get anything longer than 1/2 a second.

Now that photo you linked to was a 30 second exposure at F1.2 and according to the exif was shot at midnight. So using those numbers that photo would have been possible in the daylight....but not a bright day. F25 and a ND8 or twowould get you close to a 30 second exposure in the daylight.....but I never tried it. Seems to me somehow you would need to make up about 15 stops. I am sure someone can do the math better than me.

It is all about the light at the time and the speed of the water.

Here is a photo shot with a D50 at F25 and a ND8 and 1/4 second pretty bright light about 4PM in Alaska in June.

hercules71185 Dec 14, 2007 10:53 PM

I wish I could find the link again it stinks I can't I'm guessing it was 10 seconds so. how do you use 2 filters at once? ps that is a pretty cool pic too

genece Dec 15, 2007 8:24 AM

Most filters have front and rear threads you just screw the filters together.

hercules71185 Dec 15, 2007 3:29 PM
there is the pic I was talking about. And since its close to the same set up as the rocks at the beach locally I was curious how they did that

hercules71185 Dec 15, 2007 9:55 PM

its all good thanks for the help I got the basics. went to a place in ft myers and saw a lens that fit the camera. I asked permission to put it on in the sunlight. With 2 of them stacked end to end. I noticed no quality loss so that is good. But, I was able to increase my shutter to 2 full seconds. Kinda cool. I think I'm getting the linear and a polarized lens just because the polarized helps see into water and I do a lot of shots of fish from the surface

genece Dec 16, 2007 8:18 AM

That photo was7/10 sec at asumiming they used no ND filter you should be able to do the same withone ND8 filter.....if they used no filter then that was a pretty overcast keep the lighting conditions in mind.

I suppose you understand a tripod is most likely required. In fact if its breezy , a pretty sturdy tripod.

hercules71185 Dec 16, 2007 9:09 PM

yea I picked up a nice lil one and a nice 55 incher. I found a photographer getting rid of his stuff since his new camera had a different mount. So I got a 8Inch a 24inch and a 55inch for 40 dollars shipped

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