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HarjTT Aug 21, 2006 2:44 PM

I just had a look at the teleconvertors for the FZ50 and the LT55 basically looks like the TCON 17B I could be wrong but it looks exatcly like the Oly tcon.




seemolf Aug 21, 2006 3:21 PM

this is a funny idea but we will never know......

The price and the lack of any (!!!!!) specification will help us to buy different products.
Not even used objects will seen on fleabay lateron.

I have tried to find specs of the close up lens.
1 element, 2 elements, diopter ????

No information - only the price.

This means that I am no longer interested even in the accessories for these accessories ;-)

So have much fun with your new dSLR!

cheers Sven

HarjTT Aug 21, 2006 5:02 PM

Hi Sven

I was just checking the accessories and thats when I saw the add on lenses - the wide angle looks the same as before but the LT looks a lot like the Oly 17B although I could well be wrong.

The SLR is cool, and having learned with the FZ10 things are a wee bit easier with it. I'd have prefered to have gotten another fixed lens Pana - say a 8MP 1" sensor, Leica 28-200 f2.8-3.5 with a 1MP EVF as an upgrade to my FZ10 The Oly feels better in the hand and the VF is great but I miss not being able to see a live histogram through the VF and being able to compose using the LCD. I also don't like having to use CF cards - the Oly's pretty sweet in how it opens up to take the card but its a bit nerve racking worrying about keeping the card in alignment. I think Nikon has done the right thing by going with SD cards for the D80, like Pana's L1. Lens wise, the Fz is tack sharp, edge to edge and picks up so much detail that it really puts the kit Oly lens to shame (where's the bin). The E1's colour seems to be pretty clinical to me, although its auto WB is very good but I still prefer the colour, warmth and detail from the FZ so I'll be looking to get the Leica D lens when its on sale seperately. If I knew what the L1 would be on sale for here in the UK and as long as it wasn't crazy money (knowing the UK it seriously could be) then I would have waited although the first reviews highlighted several flaws with the L1 which shouldn't be the case. I can live with a few of them but others I'm not so sure off and if I'm spending close to $2000/£2000 I want it not to have faults that clearly should not be there. I've got no complaints over the image quality of the L1 is good at ISO100-400 easily matching all the other DSLR, some chroma noise at ISO800 and well ISO1600 thats as good as the Nikon/Sony sensors. The E1 on the other hand cost just £400 so I can;t go wrong (apart from the kit lens) and I can still use it with any lens and flash that PanaLeica makes.

I'll still be usign my FZ10 a lot - its going to be with me all the time.




seemolf Aug 21, 2006 6:26 PM

well HarjTT,

this is my first Leica and my last Panasonic.
I don't like to watch the fight of a non flexible electronic designer with a perfect lens.
Many excellent shots in this forum were made with the FZ1, FZ10 and FZ20.
My Fz5 was designed by an "expert" who never intended to use such a camera. Just look at the position of the exposure lock.....
Someone should stop Leica from this kind of cooperation.
There will be some L1s on fleabay soon without any lenses.

Cheers, Sven

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