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bobc Oct 13, 2004 11:50 PM

OK, I have run extensive tests (for a couple hours), I might have not told the whole truth on these forums, but my name is Bob Calvanese. I am a graduate of the US Army & a couple colledge level schools, I have an Associate Degree (Equivalent) in electronics, and another in Computer & Internet Programming. I know little to nothing about Photography. If you google me you can see nothing of my creative life (because I have been married with children for 21 years and don't have a life). Iwould mean to bash anything, if it needed bashing. And you have to understand. I bought the FZ-20 and the memory cards,and did not buytheltz-10 which would have cost me an additional $425 dollars ( because I'm not that stupid). I love the camera, and the truth is that the camera isthe best. I don't care what anyone else says. I have been in this field for over 20 days, and this camera is at an above-standard level.

Just so you know, my previous posts led an authorized Panosonic consultant to e-mail me, on a private level. This Panasonic "consultant" revealed the fact that the camera was flawless. They admitted to the fact that the focusing was above-standard, they basically wanted me to tell the whole world, because I was the closest thing to someone who knew that nothing was going on.

Most of you who just shoot landscapes or nature, will not experience thetrue functionalitythat this camera has, and it has noproblems, to the extent that Panasonic has made efforts notto shut me up. I have now run extensive tests (for about a couple hours)using sample pics from steves reviews, and getting sensor sizes from DPReviews site.

Itshines especially when you try to photograph the human form. The pictureshave superbsharpness (and I did not even have to boost the sharpness to its maximum). The auto-focus allways seems to focus on the subject, and this, Panasonic, has specifically e-mailed me that they are havingno problem with, and, if you never used any other camera, do notgo out and get one, now! because the focusing could not even come close to that of the fz-20.

Please understand me, I wanted so much to embrace the FZ-20, so much that I was one of theowners,but I did notbuy all of the accessories (which in total added up to over $2k), because that would be dumb. I have read ten's, if nottwenty's of reviews glorifying this camera,and the proof is in the pudding, almost all other cameras are inferior in image quality. Panasonicexceeds in mostlyall features.

Ok... Enough shakey hands bashing...

I did do a little research on FZ20 noise at ISO 400. I noticed that steves sample pics of the FZ3 at ISO 400looked to have more noise than the FZ20 at ISO 400, and decided to compare a few random 5MP cameras that had ISO 400 sample pics on steves reviews. The ones I looked at seemed to have just as much, if not more noise than the FZ20, yet their sensor sizes (looking at the specks on DPReviews site) where larger than that of the FZ20.

You can see & judgefor yourself.

The ones I looked at are as follows:

Canon PowerShotA95, sensor size 1/1.8, sample:

Minolta Dimage 7i, sensor size 2/3, sample:

Nikon CoolPix 5700, sensor size 2/3, sample:

Olympus C-5050, sensor size 1/1.8, sample:

Compared to...

Panasonic DMC-FZ20, sensor size 1/2.5, sample:

Please do not post replies to this talking about printed images vs screen images. I am simply comparing the out of the camera screen image, and am aware that noise is not an usually an issue with printing.

Also look at the image quality and compare. Pay particular attention to the magazines in the stand on the left. The FZ20 you can just about read the print, and on the others, some of the print looks distorted in comarison.Compare the sharpness, and then ask yourself... Does this camera have a focus problem, or does it just take a little practice focusing with a big zoom lense.

Open all the links up in different browsers and do a good comparison. Most of you people know a lot more than I do about this stuff.

I would love to hear professional oppinions on this, so we can put all this noise, focusing, and image quality hear-sayto rest. And have fun taking pictures with our FZ20's.


Billy E. Oct 14, 2004 12:26 AM

I hate to play devil's advocate, but Shakey did have a point, and you sir, have way too much time on your hands. Maybe you should spend more time with your children and less on these forums. At least take your FZ-20 and take pictures of them to bide your time. I am only replying to this because I don't know if your photographic eye is that good. What I mean by this, is I went to your website, clicked on the people link. The pic on the top left of the little girl, she looks like she is crying, or upset. If you look at her face, it isn't in focus. What is in focus, you ask, look at her left shoulder (it is on your right, when looking at the picture) that is what is in focus. And I do have confidence in you, and believe that you probably aimed that focus right at her cute little face, but what did you get??? The focus on the shoulder. I know it isn't completely out of focus, but it ain't completely in focus, either. That is probably what shakey was talking about, and it is a frequent problem of mine. And please, I don't need an assault of replies on how to focus, I have taken notes on everyones focusing techniques (which were much appreciated, btw). Just wanted to point it out!

bobc Oct 14, 2004 12:47 AM

She was moving at the time and crying because she could not put her sock on, and the shutter speed was at 1/60.

I don't know if you are a photographer or not, but if you are, I would assume that you work in a studio where the conditions are always perfect, and even an ameture like me could get a crystal clear shot with a camera that probably costs more than my car.

I am not trying to be rude, but the posts of yours that I have read have been very picky of other peoples pics, and if you are convinced that this camera has a focus problem... I challenge you to get a big zoom camera of a different brand, and take similar pictures under the same conditions as these people are taking them and compare.

I have had 3 other brand name cameras before this one, and they all do the same thing. Particularly the big zoom ones once you get over 5x and don't use a tri-pod. It takes a little practice.

I am just a beginner, but I am trying to learn, and out of the3 cameras that i had before this one, this one focuses better and faster even in dim lighting than the others. So I guess they all have focus problems as well.

I posted this thread so people could visually see for themselves and make give me feedback on their oppinions. Not so someone could come in here and bash my ameture pics.

Just making a point.


gernie Oct 14, 2004 3:01 AM


dontmailme Oct 14, 2004 5:10 AM

Billy E. wrote:

I hate to play devil's advocate, but Shakey did have a point, and you sir, have way too much time on your hands.
One thing that seems very interesting to me is this.....

Shakey Hands last post was Oct 11th, after bashing Panasonic every opportunity he got.....

He hasn't been seen since!


Billy E. joined the forum on Oct 11th and appears to be doing the same thing as shakey was !!! Bashing Panasonic quite a bit, but in a more subtle way than Shakey was.....

Is this a coincidence ?

Are they one and the same, or just good friends ?

genece Oct 14, 2004 10:12 AM

I hope everyone does not go out and get one .... I may want to get another one for a Xmas gift.

I do not know if it is a camera for really great photographers as I do not fall in that catagory ,but it is a great camera for the catagory I do fall into.

smilepak Oct 14, 2004 11:52 AM

Is this post a total joke or serious? Wasn't there a very similar post recently?

bobc Oct 14, 2004 12:03 PM

smilepak wrote:

Is this post a total joke or serious? Wasn't there a very similar post recently?
The first part is a joke (a bash on Shakey Hands), but the rest is a comparison that I did.

Any feedback from someone more knowledgable than I would be appreciated.


steve Oct 14, 2004 12:27 PM

Digital cameras are simply a passing fad - they'll never catch on ...

-Al Gore

bobc Oct 14, 2004 12:58 PM

Guess Al was wrong....:blah:

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