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I have an FZ1 which I love and I'm debating what to buy next. I'm trying to work out how IS vs. no-IS compares to low-ISO vs. high-ISO.

For example: the FZ30 has IS and tops out at ISO 400. The Canon Rebel XT has no IS (standard lens kit) and tops out at 1600. Am I right that reciprocity means:

1 f-stop = 1 shutter speed increment = doubling the ISO ?

So if IS "buys" you 2-3 fstops, as has been my experience, that's the same as doubling the ISO two or three times (= multiplying by 4 or 8, right? So I can conclude that, pretending the Panasonic has the same zoom range as the Rebel kit lens:

Forhandheld shots in low light, in equivalent zoom lengths, the FZ30 and Rebel XT are equallly capable? But the Rebel XT will work better with moving subjects in low light, since the shutter can be boosted along with the ISO? Of course there is the lens to consider as well.

In contrast, the FX7 versus the Canon SD400 gives you a 2-3 stop advantage, since they both top out at ISO 400?

I originally thought of goingpocketable (FX7/8/9, LX1) but a friend just got a 20D so I'm also debating the whole dSLR thing, and whether upgrading to the FZ30 would make more sense for me.


- Ty
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Firstly, the relationship between ISO and Image Stabilization is not that straighforward. Sure a higer ISO will help you in low-light conditions, but here you are comparing the FZ30 to the Digital Rebel XT...

The FZ30 and the Rebel are not equal at any level. The Rebel is a dSLR, and is much more capable than the FZ30. Just looking at the ISO will tell you something. The sensor size is what determines the ISO quality of a camera. The FZ30 has a smaller sensor compared to the Rebel. This means that at higer ISO, the FZ30 will produce more noise than the Rebel. That is because the FZ is trying to cram 8MP in a small space, which leads tosignal noise etc. The Rebel has a much larger sensor, and that means low noise at higer ISO. You can easily use the Rebel at ISO 1600 and get decent pictures, but the FZ30 at ISO 400 will give you trouble.

That said, the FZ30/FZ20 are both very good cameras, and if you don't want to carry lenses etc around, the FZ30 will be a good handy camera for you. On the other hand, the Rebel is a serious camera, and it will give excellent pictures if you know how to work it. Take care.
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