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I just got my new FZ 3 a couple of days ago and have been reading the user manual, posts and experimenting with it and just stumbled on this topic. It seems like all the info here is on the FZ 20. Are the same adapters and filters available and recommended for the FZ 3 or do we have to go another way. I know that an adapter came with the camera as did a hood.

I went down to Best Buy and purchased a UV lense to protect the camera lense.

If you guys could give me some advice on what I might want to buy for my trip to New Zealand in a couple of months I would appreciate it. I am a newbie.



ps. I got a camera bag and a 512mg memory card and will order another battery for the trip.
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Please see the FZ3 FAQ at:


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The 55mm stock fz3 adapter is sufficient for most add-on lens with the possible exception of the heavier teleconverters. (The fz20 has a different set-up). Keep the adapter and uv filter on at all times for lens and extension assembly protection. Get an extra 256 or 512 sd card for the trip. If you're into birding and/or macro, consider the olympus c210 1.9x tele ($40 at olympus emporium special offers) and the nikon 4t +3 diopter macro lens ($37 at b&hphoto). Both have 52mm threads so you will need a 55-52 step ring to attach to the fz3 adapter. A fanny pack will handle all of these items including fz3 with adapter attached very nicley.

One other piece of advice: Get some experience before your trip at taking panorama shots. New Zealandoffers some wonderful opportunities for panos.


PS: For fz series macro see http://www.ishots.net/fz1-2faq/fz1macros.htm
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Thanks for your generous response.

Where should I go to find out more about doing panoramic shots?

You mentioned that if I was interested in getting a telephoto lense I should get both the lenses you mentioned or just one?

Thanks again.

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