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I have a Canon G3 and have just purchased a FZ7 which I think is brilliant thanks to steve for is great review. My confusion is that my Canon G3 has a dpi of 180x180with a 4MP resolution and my FZ7 has a DPI of 72x72 with a 6MP resolution. Is there a logical explanation why my FZ7 is lower could someone point me to it would be greatly appreciated.
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DPI means absolutely noting unless you are printing....

Most monitors display at 72dpi so some camera makers include that number in the exif for the photo to be downloaded at that size. While some mfgs. use 300dpi as thatwas the standard for printing.....while others use 240dpi as that is the more common number for printing.

If you use a program to upload the photos to your computer you can set most of them to use any dpi you wish ,but it makes no difference......The picture is still so many pixels wide by so many pixels high.

Take a photo and open it in a photo editor and change the dpi to 300 and do not resample..... then save that photo under another name.

Then open both those photos full screen and they will be identical.

DPI is not the same as the resolution of the photo.

"I understand this article is about scanning but I think it explains this as well as any I have read


if you are still not convinced here is about a weeks worth of reading


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Thanks for the reply I had an idea it might be that but it helps to have another opinion. Thanks again for your help
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