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Default DSC-ZS7 not able to view recording image

I have an urgent issue with my Panasonic DSC-ZS7. I am on vacation and any help would be appreciated.

Earlier today I took pictures fine with the camera. A few minutes later I switched it on again in recording mode, but the camera did not show the current image, it was just black. The monitor works fine, all icons on the screen in recording mode show, and I can also view the images I have shot earlier. But otherwise the screen is just black. When I shoot an image it shows as all black when I view it. Also, when I half-press the shutter to pre-focus the camera it shows an error, the red “1.64 ft – infinity”.

Any ideas for some self-help I may apply?

Thanks, Oliver
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If your camera has a reset in the menu try it.

Comments and suggestions for improvement welcome and appreciated.
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As suggested, I'd try resetting it back to factory defaults. Most Panasonic camera models will have a RESET menu choice under their Setup menu (icon in the menus for the setup screens looks like a wrench) you can use for that purpose (not the same as the No. Reset choice which only resets the numbering -- use the RESET choice instead to reset everything back to factory defaults).

But, it sounds like you have a more serious issue (something has failed in the signal pipeline coming from the imaging sensor in some manner, since you're not seeing any preview of the image coming from the sensor.

Also, the camera uses a Contrast Detection Autofocus Method. So, if the AF system is not seeing an image from the sensor, it would not be able to Autofocus (hence the Autofocus error you're seeing, because something has gone wrong with the signal coming from the imaging sensor).

So, I suspect you have a component failure of some type causing what you're seeing (or a loose internal connection, cracked etching on circuit board, cold solder joint or similar). It could also be a stuck aperture iris (or some models have a lens door that opens and closes in front of the lens) where no light is getting through from the lens to the sensor. So, I'd check to see if your camera model may have a tiny lens shutter in front of the lens that may be stuck closed that you can slide open manually.

But, it's more likely an internal component failure.
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