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Hi all,

Complete noob here, so forgive any

I have a FZ20 and my partner recently obtained an FX12. Both these models appear to use the same number sequence to generate default image file names.

Now while the file names are currently out of sequence because a load of older images were archived, the FX12 is rapidly catching up (gets a lot more use at the moment), I'm concerned that one day there'll be an issue where older files from the FZ20 are lost or overwritten because they are replaced by FX12 images with the same name in the same folder. It shouldn't happen if the files are saved to different folders, but I'd like to make it more foolproof.

What it boils down to is the question "is there a way of setting the default file name used on either of the cameras?"

any advice greatly appreciated.

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To my knowledge, the only thing the camera will give you the option of doing is starting the numbering sequence all over again. It's a standard option every digital camera I've ever owned, digican or DSLR, gives the users.
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I use a program to transfer photos....its called downloader pro....it is not free but a valuable tool, IMHO.......other programs may be able to do the same thing , I do not know.....


But once you get it setup, it sorts your photos as you transfer to the computer.....and the options are many, I have it sort by camera, then date, thenalter the file name.......I do it by actual shutter count and you can add a file name prefix for each camera.....There are loads of options but those keep photos from 4 Panasonic and 3 Nikon cameras , free from my overwriting any photos in about 4 years and a couple hundred thousand photos.
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