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Default early shots

Hi. Having recently purchased a FZ38, I took it out for the first time to a harbour near us to take some bird shots. I'm a complete camera novice, so I kept it on IA or P mode with just a 400 iso limit (no other changes), o get used to it before I start playing around.

I've got kind of mixed feelings about the shots I got - sized to my computer monitor most are fine, but zoomed in to 100% or using Picasa crop they're a bit fuzzy. Am I right in thinking that 100% is the full size picture rather than over magnified as it seems to be what picasa uses to crop? I know from seeing the amazing shots people have got on here that crisp shots are possible, so I think I must be doing something wrong. I would really appreciate any thoughts on the shots below so I can practice and get them better! Most of the shots are full zoom. Apologies also if I've linked the pictures in wrong- its my first try at getting them across from picasa. The web album link is: http://picasaweb.google.com/11838155...eat=directlink

1) Little egret

2)Little egret 2

3) Redshank

4) Houseboat - this is more of a composition question. This boat was incredible, but I wasn't sure how to take it. Any tips on how to compose the shot better would be great

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It makes me want to see more of it...the big pink and white thing on the right...etc.
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#1 - nice scenery shot, slightly overexposed, which can be fixed by PP
#2 - I really like this, the reflection of the egret is really pretty. Also slightly overexposed, so fixed it with PP, then crop the egret?
#3 - very nice bird shot, I would crop out the distracting surrounding
#4 - wow, crazy boat!
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The difficulty I've found with cropping (using Picasa) on these is the resulting crop looks kind of fuzzy, which is why I wondered if I had done something wrong in taking the originals. Or it could I guess be my monitor which is a bit old. I've had a go at cropping two of them below and altering the exposure a bit on the egret - do they look ok?



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My first suggestion is to reduce the size of your posts. Having to scroll left/right/down/up to see the entire image makes viewing very cumbersome and the picture looses its effect.

Now, the bird shots were mostly over exposed and highlights were clipped. I'd knock the exposure down by -0.3 in order to preserve highlights.

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