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Default Errors coming in FZ 35

There r 2 errors r coming in my FZ 35 !!

After starting the cam, it works well for 3-4 mins & suddenly it stops & a msg displays on the display


& some time "SYSTEM ERROR (O.I.S.) " comes on the display !!

Can anyone tell me why its happen ?? Whats the actual reason for this errors & how can get solve this prob ??
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Default OIS = Optical Image Stabilization

The error is often caused by grit/dirt/sand jamming the lens or wear to the lens assembly mechanism.
I believe that both error messages have the same cause.

Sometimes, the error occurs when the battery has been run down.
The first thing to try is to remove the battery and the memory card and leave them out for about 15 minutes.
After 15 minutes, using only a fully charged battery--leaving the memory card out--start the camera and see if the error recurs.
If that works, you can reinstall your memory card and it should be OK.
If that fails, place the camera on a soft, lint free cloth, lens down and turn the camera on.
The weight of the camera may reseat the lens and/or gravity may dislodge the grit.
If this fails, you can try spraying dry, compressed air into the spaces in the lens barrel, or a use a hairdryer on the "NO HEAT" setting.

Hopefully, the problem is not caused by wear and that one of these things will work for you.
Let us know how it works out.
It would probably be cheaper to replace the camera, rather than having it repaired.

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If the camera is new and your warranty is valid still, i would recommend you to take it back to the shop that you got it or the panasonic service department in your area. If they tell you that they cant do anything or it needs a lot of money then you can do what Dabbler told you as a 2nd solution. If you do it before and something goes wrong then it will be harder and more expensive to fix. Thats what i would do but you may not have service around or warranty so its up to you.
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I had this message a few times after having my camera cleaned and adjusted. It might be related to not removing the lens cap.
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