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from the thread i posted earlier , a couple of people have said where is
the all exit data for the piccies. Im wondering this to.

Is there a option you have to tick in the camera to get it??

i remember when i had my canon g2 the images from that use to come with a
text file detailing all the exif data - shutter speed, aperture, expose, iso
etc. - but i use to have the g2 d/l the images direct to the computer via
its own usb cable and also through its own canon software.

these days I use a card reader to get the inmages from the memory card to
the computer and they go straight to a folder on my harddrive unmodified.

any changes (usually just resizing) i make are usually done in paint shop
pro 7 and then the file is saved with a new name.

am i doing something wrong here ????

cheers dave
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What camera are you using? Did you try going to properties on the actual picture then going to summary then to advanced. It should have all of that in the file
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Those shots look like they were cropped which can eliminate the exif. You may have an option somewhere in paintshop of retaining exif to any post processed image.
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Maybe this can help you read the exif


Some editors strip the exif in fact I think most demos do.

As Fred said there may be a setting in preferences to keep or discard exif...and the "save for web" option almost always deletes the Exif.

I have had some programs the deleted the exif and I could not find a way to keep it ...I quit using those programs.

I have PSP on another computer ..I will look and see if I can see a setting.


I do not use PSP but I was fixing a computer for a friend and it has PSP on it ...there was nothing I could do to strip the exif as long as I saved the file as JPEG.

I am not saying there was not a way, but I did not find it.

Maybe if you were to save as a gif, that would strip the exif..I did not try that.

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