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NickTrop wrote:
Just to clarify, though, the picture cited of the bracket that comes with the Phoenix (which is exactly the same as the Vivitar) isn't technically an L bracket, though it's perfectly fine to use. This bracket has a home alongside other whatsits in my desk drawer. The flash sits at the side of the camera. A true L-bracket holds the flash a few inches above the camera. It also has a handle grip that "really" helps to steady the camera. Well worth the extra $20 or so, imo.
I stand corrected, with my thanks to veteran member NickTrop for the clarification...

So, is it the bracket(that comes with the Phoenix unit that I gave the link to) or the Phoenix flash unit itself, Nick, that's the same as the Vivitar? If it's the flash unit, then could you, or anyone else here, possibly comment on the Phoenix flash unit? Is Phoenix a brand that you would recommend for use with the FZ15? Or could you recommend any other flash units? I've read some really good comments here on the SunPak 383...it sure is a big flash unit, though, isn't it? It looks as big as, or bigger than, the FZ10/15/20 camera itself! Why, it's almost as big as :cart: !

Is the SunPak bracket that our friend, msantos, posted a pic of, one that you would recommend?

Thanks for your help, Nick, and everyone else!

And thanks, msantos! I'm gonna check out the SunPak bracket and Vivitar flash unit that you've posted pics of and links for!

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Old Jan 27, 2005, 2:55 PM   #12
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The Phoenix and the Vivitar are the same exact flash. I use the DF200 and recommend it. It is big, however, and it doesn't have terrific build quality. It is, however, feature-rich, reasonably powerful, and $40 or so less expensive than digital slave flash units with comparable features. It also has the all improtant white balance preflash that's required to work with the Lumix models. It's actually bigger that the FZ-1 but I don't care about aesthetics. It comes with the bracket you mentioned (that I don't use...) and a mini-tripod so you can mount the flash anywhere in the scene, off-camera. If you go this route, get an L-bracket. It supports the flash better, and provides a nice grip that allows you to hold the camera steadier.

The Sunpack seems to have a good reputation but I can't speak to it personally.

The "digital slave L-bracket" that Msantos pictures is also a good deal if you have a flash already. Seems like a great solution to non-hotshoe Lumix users who already have a flash. It has the slave circuitry already built into it, and a hotshoe to work with any flash. Regular L brackets look basically like the one pictured, sans circuitry and have a cold-shoe.
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Old Jan 28, 2005, 9:54 PM   #13
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Hi Nick,

Thanks for all of the info and for your help! 'Much appreciated!

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Old Jan 29, 2005, 11:48 AM   #14
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To answer the question about blocking the internal flash -- my understanding is that the slave trigger works off of infra-red, so you can block the visible spectrum of the internal flash and still fire the slave. A poster to this or some other forum suggested that covering the internal flash head with the exposed end from an old roll of film would accomplish this. I tried it, and it works. Also, with the FZ15, you can dial down the intensity of the internal flash to minimum so it will have as little to do with the overall exposure as Nicktrop suggested is the case with the FZ1 (it also saves battery power in the cam).

By the way, with the FZ1 and a Yoshida adaptor, the adaptor suppresses the internal flash to accomplish the same result.


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Old Jan 30, 2005, 11:06 PM   #15
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Thanks a lot for the tip, snostorm!!
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I would like to add that I use my Nikon SB-28 on the hot shoe of the FZ20 but have ordered an "L" bracket because compared the the hot shoe mounting of my Nikon film camera, the FZ is pretty tinny and I know that if I take it off and on a lot, there are going to be problems because of its lighweight construction v. the SB-28.

Advise others to do the same if you are switching back and forth a lot like I do.
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I'm not sure about that.............if the flash is not a slave flash how are you going to trigger it?
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