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Default EZ-Zoom ... my take on how it works

G'day all

Others on the Forum recently have asked the Q "what is EZ and how does it work?" Without hijacking their thread, may I add to the conversation with my 2-bob's worth (an old aussie expression)

While lots of digi cameras offer 'optical' zoom & 'digital' zoom, only Panny offer what they call 'EZ' zoom. At home we have it on our [hers & his] FZ28 & FZ35 beasties

With all our modern digi cameras with electronic viewfinders or the LCD screen on the rear panel, the on-board computer takes the image as seen by the lens and reduces its size to be displayed in the viewfinder ... no viewfinder displays 10mpx, most come down to around 300,000 dots

Optical zoom is -obviously- the change in image size caused via the lens being zoomed from 1x to 10x or 18x or 24x (whatever) and it finishes when the lens finishes its zooming motion

Digital zoom -as we well know- is merely the cropping of the sensor to record a smaller image so that when we view it later it appears much larger than originally [same as we did back in film days in the darkroom]

With EZ Zoom ...
As I understand it, the panny people have been very cunning to create "EZ zoom" for us to enjoy

Let's take as an example changing the FZ28 from 10mpx to 5mpx and the EZ-zoom increases from 18x to 26x - ie: about 40% more

When I take a pic at full 10mpx and 10x zoom, then 5mpx and 10x zoom and compare them on the computer screen, they both seem the same size on the screen because the on-board computer resizes the image to fit the viewfinder even though the image at 10mpx has 40% more pixels than the 5mpx image [3648 vs 2560 pixels on the long side]

So, as I said above, I believe that the panny people have been cunning...
I think that they have realised that because we are using a reduced pixel size and every image is cropped - so they have 'cheated' a bit to create our EZ zoom numbers and as we zoom optically, the panny shows the optical-come-digital zoom numbers increasing by 40% as well

maybe this sketch will show you what I'm getting at

ie: if I'm using the camera at 5mpx, when the optical zoom is at 7x, when viewed with the 40% digital-zoom 'magnification' it appears the same sort of size as 10x would normally, so panny call it EZ-zoom 10x

So - does this make sense to people?
It is my interpretation & I am wide open to ideas and feedback

Regards, Phil
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That makes good sense, Phil-

You will notice that the folks at Panasonic did the same thing in creating the High Sensitivity Scene Mode.

Sarah Joyce
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