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Again question

About memory cars. I faund Kingston SD (2Gb) which has transfers about 23Mb/s (read) and 20Mb/s (write).

What do you think abouttime neccesery to write RAW (about 16 Mb), it will less than 1 seq? I'm also thinking about writing speed of jpg (about 3Mb-4Mb). It should be really fast.

I'm asking becouse I have now 256Mb and transfer about 7-10Mb/s and I'm thinking that there is any rason to buy expensieve FAST memory.


PS. FZ30 is amaizing, maybe this noise (but only in really extremaly small light conditions, expect that every thing is ... ehhh .
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Even if the card is fast, the camera might not be. On an Extreme III card a raw file from an FZ30 takes about 3 seconds, but if it wrote the file as fast as the card could record it, it would probably take about 1 second, so I suspect that using an Ultra II card would get the same speed from the camera (at least that's the assumption I'm making in buying that card).
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if you plan to shoot RAW format, the faster card will be a definite plus. for JPEG files, a 60x card should be planty, but the larger RAW files will need a 133x card to keep transfer times under 1 sec. i can't shoot RAW with my FZ20, but i do find that using a card that can transfer faster than the camera can write is useful, especially in burst mode or if shooting in continuous mode. a 256MB card is, in my opinion, too small for an 8MP camera. it's marginal for my FZ20, and i wouldn't use anything smaller than 1GB in an FZ30, especially if shooting RAW.
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this 256 is from my old 2Mpix camera. Now I'm looking for something larger and faster. I was thinking that Fz30 is enought fast to write RAW files with that speed (about 20Mb/s)? I couldn'tfind any information about that. Only one test (somewhere on internet...) with comparison to other cameras. It was writen that Fz30 can write RAW in 6 seq. In my old SD (fuji) it's about 3 mayby 4... So if I will by this FAST should be better...

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