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A few random shots.

Worst first. Flycatcher of undetermined species went off after a bug as I snapped his picture.

Awhile back I posted a link to one of my egret pictures so Jerry could show his grandson. If you peeked this shot may be old news.

Cape May Warbler. He is five inches long. Good of him to pose like that. Usually they are in the middle of all the twigs.

Right after the shot Ms. Goldeneye hissed at the mallards. I think she was trying to scare them off the log. Instead, she fell off and had to climb back up. which ruined the moment for her I'm sure.

Beyond the heron is the pond. Which was very noisy as a flock of geese were landing. Night herons usually spook. I think this guy did not only because to fly away from me he would have had to fly over/through the geese. He knew I was there for sure. With those eyes no way could he miss me.

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