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All excellent shots. Number 1 and 3 are my favourites.

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Hi Donna, Emmanuel, Pete, mark, TC and Raf,

Thanks for the comments all. I'd been aching to take some windmill shots for ages although I didn;t get the ones I wanted but these were good enough for now.

Regards the new panaleica lens I think it could well be the kit lens for the new DSLR that they may be releasing this year . Its not due out till summer 2007 which falls right back in time for the usual new Photokina cameras. As its also a consumer grade lens (ie. not a F2.8 or faster lens) I think the camera and lens combo may well be under the $1000USD mark and if it is it could well be a steal. On lens quality - I've been reading up on the nearest equivalent which is the Nikkor 18-200 f3.5-5.6 VR- its a decent lens but isnt as good as it could be (distortion at the wide and tele end), lens creep, so-so build and its not sharp and yet it still sells like hot cakes at $800USD. If Panalieca get it right and its as good as the zoom's on the FZ's we could well be infor a treat. Remember you can just use any Oly Dslr camera body with the Pana lens too but I think if its the kit lens for the new Panaleica DSLR they'll basically be giving away the body for free. Personally, I was really hoping for a 14-100 (28-200) F2.8 or a 14-75 (28-150) f2.8 OIS lens which wuld have been a killer combo.



:O :?

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