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Default few ?s about zs6

hi all. currently have a 3-yr old canon sd750. if i had one upgrade wish, it would be to have some better quality pictures. for those not familiar with this ancient model, here's what's important to me, and perhaps why i am considering a panasonic, again.

1. shooting speed - at least 1.7 fps
2. 3 inch lcd (NON widescreen)
3. good image quality on the lcd
4. size on the compact side preferred

i had previously tested a zs3. it was amazing, except for the colors, which, next to the canons, seemed a bit off. it only became more obvious with human subjects, as they appeared less warm, so it got returned. now i read that the zs6 (i know - i would actually prefer the zs7 with the dedicated video button, but buying from costco...) has some color mode/effect such as warm, and i saw a few examples of it, and it seems i can live with it. my question is has the color quality, for lack of a better word, improved/changed since the zs3? i'm no expert, but in looking up the specs, it seems the hardware is still the same. i would appreciate some comments here...

of the different canons i tested, the only one i almost kept was the s90. 1 glitch - the shooting speed was at 0.9 fps. i didn't realize it at first, but when i heard more complaints from my wife and girls (my subjects most of the time) about how long it was taking, i began to hunt down the specs, and did a 'drag race' between the different cameras, and was rather shocked to see how much of a difference those slivers of time made in real time. well, canon is coming up with the sd4000. i like the 3.7 fps shooting speed, and the f2.0 and a few other features. what i can't settle for is the 3-inch widescreen lcd. problem is among other things, i use my camera as a portable photo album, and personally, a 'traditional' non-wide screen 3-inch lcd is really a non-negotiable for me. what's worse, having enjoyed the s90's 3 inch with 460k dots, to go to a 3 inch wide with 230k dots - the difference was obvious! (amazingly, the older sd750 with the 3-inch non-wide with 230k dots still looked great, but of course was no match for the s90's.)

i'm cautiously excited about testing out the zs6, but would like to hear some other comments. on paper -

feature sd750 s90 zs6
shooting speed 1.7fps 0.9fps 2.3 fps
3-inch non wide lcd 230k dots 460k dots 460 dots
size (inches) 3.6 x 2.2 x 0.8 3.9 x 2.3 x 1.2 4.07 x 2.35 x 1.28

i was hoping it would not get any bigger, but if i can live with the s90, what's another 0.18 inches in length, right? looks like the deciding factor will be image quality - and short of the technical stuff that i am not particularly deep into, except what is readily observable, that would make or break things. ahhhh.

thanks for hearing me out, and for any bits of advice and comments.
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The ZS6 has the warm setting and saturation can be adjusted from -2 to +2.

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Originally Posted by skylark View Post
The ZS6 has the warm setting and saturation can be adjusted from -2 to +2.

Also each WB preset can be custom adjusted along the Red and Blue axis, which is remembered after power off.

I think the Portrait scene mode also does something to skin tones.
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thanks, both. the zs6 should be at my door in a day or 2. keeping fingers crossed.
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