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Default Filters

I'm thinking about buying some filters but there are so many different kinds so I can't decide. Can anyone show me a site where all these filters would really be well explained? I mean thousands of photos "with the x filter" and "without the filter".

I've already decided that a polarizer filter is a must and everyone is talking about an UV filter which is good to have permanently on. But others are talking about sky filters for the same purpose, which one is better to have, sky or UV?

Another thing which I can't get out of my mind is a thought, whether these filters can be replaced by a good software on my PC. I guess that polarize filters can't, but I would think that ND filters could be well enough replaced by software effects (apart from the fact that ND filters let you longer shutter time, of course). For instance, those "star" filters can surely be replaced by a PC?

Some more questions, please bear in mind I'm just a newbie.
1. Can I attach more filters on my camera and is that useful at all?
2. Can I use the same filters with TCON17 which I plan to buy and how?
3. About sizes - is there any difference if you use stepup/down rings?
4. Macro filters - well THAT's sth which really bothers me. What are these filters anyway? Why buying macro lenses if you can get a 10+ macro filter?! I'm sure this sounds really funny to most of guys here, but I really don't get it.

Just not to open a new topic - I'd like to take sport pictures, but fot that my shutter times have to be really short. Can you give me some hints how to achieve short times and how to take nice sport pictures?

Thanks for your help.
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