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There are plenty of little threads on the subject, but just want to get a FZ30 thread going as its coming up to the time of the year in the UK when Fireworks go off constantly (its ignorant and should be illegal if you ask me! little scumbags on the streets with them esspecially).

I may as well try to catch some with my camera, problem is I want to know the exact way to take pictures of them, as there seems to be many ways you can do it and get many different effects with the various modes and settings on the camera.

So any help, tips etc to get some good pictures

Maybe even post a few on here, I am on very slow 56k modem at the moment, so if you could just link them and not post the pictures as hey I will be on hours downloading big pictures as I lost broadband when I moved house and dont know when its coming back.

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Hi Romeo, Regarding the fireworks question I've had pretty good luck using the Fireworks setting on the FZ30 and also using a timed exposure and tripod. Jim
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At our local big display last year I hand held my new fz30 (no room for tripod in the crowds) on the firework setting. It worked well; I got some good pics (and plenty of blurred ones, but well worth doing). Will repeat the experiment this November.

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Hi J.P.

I used the FZ20 but the settings should work the same. I used a tripod, remote release, ISO 80, F8 & 2.5 sec exposure at about 5x zoom. Don't zoom in to closely though are you will miss some shots. You can always crop later. Take a look at the results and see if this is what you want. These were all taken on July 4th and wasthe first Fireworks I had tried. Hope this helps.


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Top images d-sr and plenty of them too. Guess I will give that fiorworks setting a try like you lot say, but will also experiment as much as I can (if I have time).
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hi romero
really a tripod and a long exposure are necessary
the long exposure guaratees you get several airbursts of fireworks which makes it more colourful and more interesting

on composition
its usually better to have some of the lights and surrounds in the frame
this gives a more interesting base to the photo
having said that it presents another issue
the danger of overexposing the lights so much that they burn into the foto too much

so try to expose for the lights, and stop down
its really trial and error with a particular camera/lens
so try get some night scene experience on lights first
those exposure values will be the baseline exposure for the fireworks, which are so bright they expose well anyway


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