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Thanks guys, hoping for a sunny day tomorrow, though game time is 8 AM (groan, I will have been out late with my youth group for the Winter Jam concert - I am beginning to forget what sleep is like).

If we are getting good light, Iwill try bumping to ISO200. Also, tomorrow I am going to my 5 year olds game, while my wife takes my oldest son to his 9 AM game at a different field. The little guys don't move quite so much.

Oh, I should add that in addition to the other conditions listed, I was often "one-handing" these shots as my 15 month old was wanting to be held much of the morning. :-)
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These look really good for your first attempt in less-than-ideal light. Look forward to seeing more.
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Really well taken - you dont want to see my first attempt at shooting a soccer game with my FZ10!



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Fun stuff!

I've been shooting my daughters games for the past 4 years and probably have about 2500+ images captured from games.

Here's a few tips....

1. this one is key - don't zoom in so tight. Back off and open up the field of view. With that nice big 8Mp of FZ30 image you can afford to crop during post processing and get a real dramatic image. Makes it a lot easier to keep the main action in the image.

2. use high speed capture. You'll get lots of sequences that provide drama and catch some great single shots you never would have expected. Just aim at the cluster and let for fly for 5 shots.

3. Lower the shutter speed. I've been using aperture mode but that is because I have an FZ20 and quite often I'll get a very blatant and distracting red fringe with aperture down around f2.8 to f4.5 (this is a known FZ20 fault). This has forced me to keep the camera in it's sharpest zone of f5.2 to f5.6 on low light days so I've learned to shoot this way with low shutter speeds. Sometimes motion blur makes for a shot with lots of drama.

4. Anticipate the play and focus on a player in the area the ball is coming to and then let rip with a 5 frame HS capture.

Have fun and don't forget to put the camera away and just watch the game. The ironic point for me is that I don't have a single shot of my duaghter scoring a goal because I get so darn excited watching her go to the net that I always completely forget about the camera in my hand.

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