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I must say I am puzzled by something. I have posted photos for years using my simple Kodak easyshare. When using a vertical format, they of course showed up on my monitor on their side, and I rotated them. Posting was then simple, and the photo appeared correctly on the site. With my FZ7, the vertical format photo downloaded, and was correctly vertical. When I tried to post, it was on it's side. When I then went into the "photo fun studio" and rotated the photo and posted it again, it was still sideways. What am I doing wrong???

Sorry if this is a stupid question...
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I have a FZ7 and I use adobe to resize them for the web and use the browser on the post reply form to upload them. Can you do that? Donna
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Even when I was going to use a photo that was vertical format for my desktop, it came up sideways, even though it is vertical in the file. I wonder if this has something to do with the in-camera auto vertical setting?
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hello guys, i am also new, forum and fz7, but have some expierence with digital imaging-desktop publishing and want to tell you that after rotating the pict, you have to save it again, with or not, the same original pict name.

hey amd6547, where can i see your pict posts, i've love to watch your film expierence in combination with the fz7. please link me.

guatemala, guatemala
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amd6547, I suspect that your images are still on the side inside the file. The correct orientation is in the EXIF information, and whatever program you use the view the images displays the images upright based on the EXIF. The main thing is, it's just displaying correct, the image file itself is still sideways.

If I remember correctly with my older Kodak, the camera itself actually rotated the images, while the Panies just write the orientation in the EXIF, and rotate on the display, while the file is sideways.

There's a simple program called IrfanView (http://www.irfanview.com). Install this (it's free), and its plugins. When you load the FZ7 images in it, they will not be rotated, that is, on the side for vertical ones. It has an option called "JPG Lossless operations" (it's a plugin), with which you can rotate the image to the correct orientation (it can read out the EXIF data). It changes the original file, but does not change in any way the image content and quality (!).

Then upload the image file as usual.
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