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fmoore Aug 19, 2006 8:52 AM

The FX01 aperture range is f2.8 to f11, but at a given focal length it only allows for two (automatic) settings.At full 3.6x zoom (102mm in 35mm equiv)themin and max f-stops aref5.6 and f11. It looks like a smaller diameter gate slides into place under bright sunlight to close the aperture down. These shots are with the fz5 and raynox dcr250 at about 5x zoom.

FX01 aperture at full 3.6x zoom in shade


In bright sunlight


Here are a couple of other shots taken outdoors thatindicate there is some kind of reflectivesurface on the smaller diameter gate. The gate can be seen with a little slice of sunlight on it in the lower right away from the aperture.


Here it is at f11 with the max fstop gate in place over the aperture. You can see the reflection of the clouds in the sky. I don't know much about internal ir blockers, but I know they are frequently referred to as hot mirrors. The clouds in the sky were their normal white. The reflection is orange. Is that reflection a filter throwing back infrared light and letting the rest through? If so, this could account for the relatively high ir sensitivity of the fx01. The use of an add-on ir filter - which is very dark - would keep the aperture wide openwith the reflective gate away.


HarjTT Aug 19, 2006 3:16 PM


Like the composition on the shots and I never knew that there would be a wee little gate inside the camera.




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