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I can get the FX01 for $265 locally and the SD700IS for $368.90. About a difference of $ 103.90

I will be going to Ibiza in August and taking pictures mostly at night and of course in the day time when we go site seeing.

With the prices above, which one do you think is the better camera for what I will be doing.

Thanks In Advance.


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Hi Edgar,
I cannot comment on the SD700. From the reviews, it is an excellent camera. I had the SD550 for about six months and then sold it to buy the FX-01. What sealed the deal for me was the wide angle lens on the FX-01. There is no other ultracompact on the market today that has this great feature, other than the Ricoh R4 and if you live in the USA, Ricoh's are hard to find and more expensive. FX-01 battery life is superior to the SD700 (320 shots per charge vs. 240 according to Jeff's review of the SD700 at dcresource.com). The FX-01 LCD has 207,000 pixels to the SD700's 173,000. Then there is the cost. You could save the $103.90 price difference and use that $$ to buy SD cards, extra batteries, a carrying case, and other important accessories. In addition, you are looking for a camera to take with you on vacation for particular type shots, but when doling out $$ for a new camera, you may want to also consider its ordinary, routine use when you return from your holiday. I would want a camera that works for me in the far more frequent pics I will take throughout the year. Having said all this, here are a couple of links comparing these two models:

I am no photography expert but you can take a look at my FX-01 gallery and judge for yourself what this gem is capable of producing. These are mostly stained glass window pics taken in chapel monastery in very low light conditions and without a tripod. http://www.flickr.com/photos/benedic...7594191320632/

Just look at the beautiful color rendition and detail, virtually identical to the windows as seen with the human eye. I am not suggesting that the SD700IS is not capable of producing similar results, but these shots will give you an idea of what stunning photos are produced by the FX-01. The FX-01 wide angle lens will also make taking panoramic shots a joy, not to mention group photos where you don't have to keep walking backwards to get everything and everyone in the frame. All the best!


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That is an excellent price for a SD700. Even so it is a little pricey compared to the FX01.

My personal preference would be for the SD700 because of the optical viewfinder and 140mm eq telephoto. 240 shots isn't bad and you could probably extend that quite a bit by turning the LCD off if you were away without a charger.

If I didn't have the advantage of post processing, the wide angle of the FX01 would probably be an overall better choice than the longer telephoto of the Canon. I think you get better travel photos with a wide angle and you are also less restricted with interior shots.

But I can grab a couple or three shots with the camera held with the long side up and end up with a 4:3 shot of a little better than 27mm with the 35mm of the SD700. It is almost as fast as a single shot and it works for most situations. You also end up with a little over 9Mb if you want a large print for the wall. You can stitch them quickly with a panorama mode in the camera that sets the exposure and WB with the first shot.

That doesn't work very well for large waves and dynamic situations with a lot of movement. You can even get those to work with sophisticated stitching software that lets you use a wavy stitch, but that can be a little much for most people. Even without the sophisticated software you can get good wide angle shots in most situations.

If you aren't into post processing and want the shots right from the camera the FX01 if probably the better choice for travel photos.

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The FX01 is compact but can produce great shots. The wide angle lens sold it for me. If you want landscape shots but in a portable system, well I think the FX takes some beating...
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Here is another landscape...
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