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who_am_i May 19, 2005 10:50 PM

Hi! I'm trying to find good compact camera what I could take everywhere especially night clubs and parties. As I know Panasonic got the best image stabilization system. But I heard sony p200 is very good at night shots (at least with tripod) and virtually no red eye. Right now I'm choosing between Sony P200 and Panasonic FX7/FX8

So is here anybody who actually owes the FX7? How are the night shots? RedEye ?
Maybe somebody can post some pix?


Max_Pain May 20, 2005 9:07 AM

i cant give you a first hand experience opinion but i can tell you something about the red eye...

red eye is caused by the proximity of the built-in flashes to the lens of the camera. camera's like the FZ20 that have a popup builtin flash have less red eye but still some red eye nonetheless, but it is gone altogether with an external flash. some cameras(i.e the FZ20 again) have a red eye flash mode where it flashes a small amount of light first to dilate the subject's pupils and then takes the picture with a bigger flash, and that reduces the red eye considerably, so check if the FX7 has that mode.

hope someone can help you more:idea:

who_am_i May 20, 2005 2:09 PM

Thanx for comment Max_Pain !
Yeah, I know the theory.... but in real life it's not so straight. There are some big cameras with pop-up flash Olympus Ultrazooms) that have redeye problem and some small cameras like sony p150/p200 that have virtually no red eye.
Any recent camera have RedEye Reduction Mode, at least on the paper ;-) ,but it doesn't always work in practice

So any FX7 owners here?

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