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Over Achiever Dec 17, 2005 5:31 PM

I'm looking at buying the FX9 as well as a 1 GB SD card. I'm wondering if one of the cards I'm looking at with 10 MB/s read and 8 MB/s write speeds would be too slow for the camera? It's a nice 66x, and I see many others with 50x, 66x that seem like fast cards. Or should I be looking at 133x cards if I want to use the movie mode? How about processing speed after burst sequences? Exactly how fast do I need my SD card to be? Many thanks!

dcpmark Dec 22, 2005 5:12 PM

I'm sorry to see no one attempted to answer your question until now.....apparently NO ONEwith access tothis forum has the FX9 except me.

My experience with the movie mode is limited, but I'm using a standard speed Sandisk 512 SD card with no problems. The quality was excellent! I'm sure the write speed is way less than the Ultra II's 9 MB/sec write speed (66x), which will set you back around $70 new from eBay. I've never tried burst mode, but since Sandisk 1GB Extreme III cards are fairly cheap (around $99 new from eBay) and a read/write speed of 20/20, whytake the chancewith anything else? I'm using this card in my Sanyo VPC-C6, a flash-based camcorder, and I'll be buying another one for the FX9. Incidently, this is the card DP Review used to test the FX9.

Just one guy's opinion.......

squirl033 Dec 22, 2005 5:19 PM

Kingmax makes a nice 60x SD card which i use in my FZ20. it's rated at about 9-10MB/sec, which is faster than the FZ's can write, but i don't know the write speed of the FX9. in my FZ, the 60x card allows for uninterrupted burst or continuous mode shooting, and movie mode seems to work just fine. 133x is probably a waste of money unless you're shooting something that writes huge files, like TIFF or RAW.

Kingmax "Platinum" 60x cards can be had a lot cheaper than Sandisk. a 512MB card, which is what i use most, is under $35 at, and the 1GB model is under $55.

Over Achiever Dec 22, 2005 6:58 PM

Ah thank you very much for the replies. I recieved my FX9 (refurbished) from Newegg today and have been using it with the supplied 16 MB card ... it's a very nice camera. I also ordered a SD card already ^^' but thanks for the replies. I stuck with the 66x 1 GB SD card, it was only $55 from newegg. I'm absolutely giddy that I can now take pictures and e-mail them to people, plus the regular mode gives me decent control over settings (I find that shooting at 100 ISO but upping the EV works a lot better than I expected, little things like that) Plus the autobracketing is VERY handy ... I don't know how people can go without it ^^ Ok ok enough of my rambling *goes off to take many pictures* =)

kreciu Dec 22, 2005 9:38 PM

Hi. I'm using 256 fuji (about 7mb/s)movie mode is not a problem this movies has realy huge compression (640x480-28MB/28s so about 1Mb/1s). any card in my oppinion should be good:). And I can record about 260sec

Faster SD is better in RAW but I couldn't find any info about max writing Fz30speed into SD memory card :(. This is also important. You can buy SUPER FAST ;)and for e.g you can write ony in 12 Mb/s becouse of camera not memory. If anybody now that I'm interested :)

See you,

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