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popellis Oct 28, 2010 10:21 PM

Fz-100 settings help
Hi everyone
I just recieved my Fz-100 a few days ago and I am not a photographer by no means. I just would like to take better pictures
I know this has been asked before and I have seen some very good examples of what is possible with this camera. As for me I have not had much luck at all. My previous camera is a Fz-20. I thought I would upgrade so far I have only had one or two pictures I liked. I would like to know what setting most use.

For outside pictures:
does the film mode make a differance?
what aspect ratio to use?
what quality setting to use? (Raw or Jpeg)
what Intellegent settings to turn on or off.
what picture size (megapixel size) to use. If it makes a differance.

For inside or low light
Same questions as above.

I just need some good Ideas as to where to start. It seems most of my pictures are really noisey even at 100 iso or they are blurred.

I have only had the camera for a few days and it has been cloudy or raining since I recieved it.

The flash on the fz-100 seem darker then on my Fz-20. I have to turn the flash up on this one.

It seems when I bought the FZ-20 there was a lot of complaints about it to. and I struggled to get some decent shots with it also. I am taking a photgraphy class right now to learn to take better photos. Although we are shooting in B&W. I have a long way to go to understand what all these settings mean and when to use them. The class has some Dslr but also alot of bridge cameras. most of the P & S shooters have left.

Are any of the pre programmed modes any good?

Thanks in advanced for constructive help.


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