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I have FZ 30 and 2 SD Cards. One is 1 GB Apacer 88 X hi-speed and the other is Kingston 512 MB elite pro 50x.
I have no problem with using Apacer since I bought it in Dec 2005.

I bought a Kingston 512 MB in April 2006 and I have got a problem in a week. The message on the camera says Card Read/Write error and couldn't copy to the computer by using card reader. I can only use it again after formatting the card. But Iwas away for a while and couldn't go back to the place for replacing the card. with the new one. In August I went to the place where Ibought it and they replaced it with a new one.

Everythings going well until today. After using for a couple of weeks, this new one also has read error when I copy the pictures from SD card to my computer with the cardreader. The error message on the computer says corrupted folder or files. Cannot copy. But I can still taking pictures with this SD card. I tried to downloaded the pictures directly from the camera by using the FZ cable but no succeed. So I have to formatthe card againand lost all the pictures in the card.

I wonder why this Kingston sd card has problem with FZ 30.

Is it the problem with this Kingston SD Card elite pro?

Is Kingston elite pro card not compatible with FZ30 because of the speed?

I have no problem with the other1 GB SD card Apacer 88x.

Should I only buy the hi-speed SD card for FZ30?

Any Comments? Thanks.

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Well I do not have that card but I have cards from 2mb/s up to 150X and I have no problem with any of them.

In fact since Moving to SD cards I only ever had a problem one time and that was with a lexar card which they replaced.

But I would look at the card reader if it was meand try to download the photos to another computer with a different card reader..

I am no computer geek, but I think if the photos failed to transfer once, Windows may still see them as corrupt.

And if you use the card cleanup feature of the FZ30...I would stop, it seems most of the time a card problem is mentioned so is the clean up feature.

I just think trying the transfer to a different computer may be worth a try.
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I use the same Kingston Card in my FZ-20 , and it works perfect.

Maybe your SD-Card is defect ?


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No help but I have 3 of the Kingston Elite Pro cards, 1 x 256Mb, 2 x 512Mb and all work perfectly with both an FZ30 and an FZ1/2
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