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My first trip out bush with the FZ-7 with mixed results. I've since realised I could turn off the colour effect off (not warm). Still focus was a challenge compared to my non digital Nikon SLR. Photo 1 - Rockclimbers at 12 x zoom , 1/1300 ISO 400: clarity terrible. Peter G
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Nice try, it would have been very interesting if it had turned out. A couple of questions.

Is this a crop or full frame? (I hope it's a crop)

Why ISO 400? (seems like enough light for 100 or even 80)

What focus setting are you using?

Maybe we can help point you in the right direction to get some better results.


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did you allow the camera to set iso 400? cause 1/1300 of a second is completely unnecessary shooting someone climbing (not exactly fast action - unless the start to fall!) i generally leave my camera set to iso80 to cut down on the noise. that image seems very shaky, are you sure you have the right shutter speed? i get handheld shots at 12x with my fz30 all the time no problem, even of my dog running around at full clip.
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I think I would agree with do not use ISO400 unless its absolutely necessary.

Also I would not think a - 2 exposure compensation is a good Idea.

And you can not do 100 % crops like you can with a DSLR or at least I can not at ISO 400 . you can get a pretty decent crop at ISO100.

If you are using the Imaage Stabilization you should be able to handhold that at 1/250 or slower.

Here is a similar photo taken with a FZ10 and stacked teleconverters....these people werenot visible to me they are way up El Capitan afellow with a spotting scope pointed them out to me.

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Thanks for the comment guys. The shots were not cropped (I'm afraid) and you are right, I should have switched ISO when I moved situation into full sunlight. Perhaps setting it to auto would be a safer default action. Metering set to 'Multiple' and focus to '1 Area (High Speed)'. The -2 exposure compensation was a legacy of prior shots with highly lit subject, and forgetting the FZ7 does not automatically reset (thanks for that reminder). The OIS seemed to be working, so I still don't know what is the cause of the blurry image problem - I guess more practice and see if the issue persists. By the way how do you add multiple pictures to the one post - there seems to be only one attachment allowed? Attached is another attempt at a slightly more mobile object - a Wallaby feeding an parasitic vine just after sunrise. The (1/125, f4, ISO 80) focus and exposure still struggling perhaps I should have gone for a higher ISO? or fill in flash?. Your advice is appreciated.

- Peter D
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