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Does anybody know if I can use my FZ-2 mains adapter on my FZ-3?

The FZ-3 only comes with a charger which I notiice has a much lower current capability than the FZ-3 combined charger/power supply. Output voltage to the battery charger part is the same on both units though.

Has anybody actually tried this - I don't want to be the first to fry my camera!

Its a UK model.


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You should be able to use your FZ2 adaptor with no problem. The voltage is correct, so that's no problem. The problem you have to watch our for when dealing with current (Amperage) is that you don't want your device to draw more current than the adaptor is capable of providing. My son had a portable CD player that he wanted to rig up to use a 12 volt adaptor in the cigarette lighter in the car. The adaptor he found was something like 800 mA in rating, but the mains adaptor that came with the CD player (that he plugs into the wall when at home) was listed at 1.5 Amps or 1500mA. He couldn't use the car adaptor because it kept blowing its fuse. Apparently the device drew something more than 800 mA, but less than 1500. He later found a car adaptor rated at 1200 mA, and that works just fine.

The adaptor that came with your FZ2 is capable of putting out more current than the camera (FZ2 or FZ3) draws, so you should be able to use it with no problems.
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