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Default FZ1 Battery Question -- Maybe for Bob?

I bought a genuine Panasonic battery off eBay, new, in a blisterpack, with all official logos, packaging, etc. The model number on the battery is CGA-S002E. The battery that came with my FZ1 is a CGA-S002A. Is there a difference between the "A" and "E" batteries?

I ask this question because I cannot get the "E" battery to charge more than 1/3 of its capacity on the OEM Panasonic charger that came with my FZ1. I have even depleted the 1/3 charge down and then rechardged it again (thinking it might then fully recharge), but it will only charge to 1/3. Does this have anything to do with "E" standing for "European" and maybe there is a different charger due to different electrical codes/standards outside of North America? I'm not getting an answer from Panasonic Tech Support, and the seller of the battery says that he has not had this problem before.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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I really have no answer for you but I did a Google search on those 2 model #'s and for CGA-S002E every hit is in a non English language and every hit for CGA-S002A is in English. Also if you look at German E Bay the S002 E is what is for sale. Also at Panasonic the S002E/B is what they sell. Maybe submit your query to
http://www.panasonic.co.uk/digital-c...z2b/index.htmK as they seem to easier to get along with and easier to find things on their site.
Hope that helped Gene
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I noticed the same thing in doing searches for the "E" model number. Of course, I have yet to hear from Panasonic to date.

The annoying part about Panasonic Support is that there is no method of contacting their digital camera support folks via their web form. You have to fill out their web form with inaccurate information (due to the limited product choices), and then about a week later you get an email notifying you that you need to send all digital camera support requests to a different email address. When you do that, it goes into the bottomless bit-bucket, and you never hear from Panasonic again.

I really like the FZ1 and I'm very impressed with what I've seen so far with the FZ10, but Panasonic is so poor at marketing and support (at least in the US), that I'm not surprised that they are not the most popular digicam in the market -- even if they do have impressive features that could easily allow them to be.

Oops...sorry about the rant there. Anyway, I tried to go through UK support via the link you gave, but unless I blatantly lie about my information (including the product/accessory I'm asking about), I always get bounced to the Panasonic Japan site for "international support", where I go through several more links/options and end up at the worthless US support site.

Sorry for the bitterness of this message, but I'm a 12-year career network engineer, and know a lot about customer/technical support and managing expectations. My question is a simple one, and Panasonic USA doesn't even have a web form category for digital camera support? What do this people do for our money since they're not supporting their products?
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