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jdmfm Oct 18, 2003 11:02 AM

FZ1 flash speed and aperture
I just bought and tryied to use a slave flash Nissin Digislave 1.5.
It has two positions I and II
I is suposed to be used when selcting the red eye reduction and II without it.
What I noticed is that the Nissin flash only has one strenght, maximum, and the camera always uses a fix setting of f 2,8 and 1/30 speed in all flash situations, not taking into account the flash intensity neither distance of subject.
Is it like this? Some cameras feeling the light, adjust speed or aperture to optimize exposure, but this one seems not!
I also have a Vivitar 283 flash with the auto thyristor, can I use it with a Wein peanut slave? Will it work better if I select the yellow range and 100 ASA?
Any help on this subject?

v1p0n3 Oct 19, 2003 7:57 PM

não faço ideia..

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