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I love my FZ10, but the battery life between charges is not very good. As a backup, I carry a Digipower DPS-9000 battery pack. I can shoot all day with it, but it does add bulk. I know the later FZ models will go longer on a charge. Is all of this due to better camera circuitry, or do the batteries provide more power, also? I guess what I'm asking is if there is a battery, OEM or aftermarket, that will allow me to take significantly more pictures per charge?
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The later FZ batteries do seem to last longer than the FZ10 and 20 battery.....but they will not fit the FZ10.........I have taken a500 photos a day with the FZ10 battery.....if you are still using the battery that came with the FZ10 it may well be shot........the life of a lithium battery is reported to be 3 or 4 years....and wnile I have them older than that........I may be just lucky.....then the total discharge you have most likely cause to your battery when you forgot to turn the camera off with the battery installed and the power pack plugged in ,could also add to the battery dieing.

There is no battery better than the original one, regardless of the claims......it is a size thing......its impossible to achieve the claims some companies make.

I would get a new battery and see if it lasts longer than the one(s) you have now.

I do own a digipower battery pack......and quit using it years ago......and I have gotten500 photos from one battery charge....Very seldom did I need more than 1 battery a day,even though I always had a few spares.
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the only batteries that ever gave me more than about 220-240 shots per charge were aftermarket ones.i picked up a couple of 750 mAH cells (the OEM batteries are 680mAH) on eBay, and they got me up to about 275-280. the FZ10 and FZ20 consume a lot of power moving the lens back and forth, and every time they "go to sleep" or power up, that cycle repeats. the later models don't do that, so they use less power. i think the FZ30 and later models might also come with a slightly higher capacity battery, as well.
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Maxell puts out a reliable, 680 mAhbattery that fits the FZ10/20...part number DC3784. I think its performanceexceeds the original FZ10 battery.

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