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Whats up guys. I just purchased a FZ10 and after taking numerous shoots, I notice that the file size are anywhere around 930 to 1200 kb. Is that normal because I thought that by upgrading to a 4 megapixel camera I would be getting a much bigger file. Once in a blue moon the file size are from 1500-1700 and those images are sometimes not as sharp as they should be!!!!

Please let me now what your guys file sizes are.

All the settings are set to highest (finest) quality and largest file size (2304).

I know that the sharper the image the bigger the file size, but thats not the case here.

Also played with the "Picture Adjustment" and it still didn't make the file any bigger.

Thank you guys this is driving me nuts
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Hi Rezajune

I've noticed the same thing. My average file size is 1.22 MB over approx 1300 photos. The file size also varies a lot between 1.7MB and 0.7 MB.
The average file size of photos taken with my Panasonic F7 (2MP) is 0.64 MB again over 1000 photos. So I guess in comparison with my old camera it looks right but I dont know how this compares to the FZ1.
I haven't had any problems with sharpness though, in fact ive found the opposite ive been amazed with the quality and clarity of the photos ive taken with the camera. Again I can only compare everything with my old F7.
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The JPEG is a somewhat weird compression scheme, and at high quality settings the file size is not proportional to the amount of details.

Image editors let you specify the quality level before saving a JPEG file (generally it's a 0-100, useful range is 5-95; some programs have different meaning); I use gimp (on Linux) to work on my shots: at levels above 80-85 (photos with plenty of details) the size increases without noticeable differences. The gimp also allows to fiddle with a quality slider while seeing a preview and its JPEG file size.

I guess also that some poor JPEG encoders have some compression/speed tradeoffs. I got often 450+ kbytes of JPEG on a "one megapixel" camera, which gimp can dramatically reduce (even about 50% of file size, stirring down the quality level of only 15-20 points or less) without apparently loosing any detail.
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