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Old Feb 29, 2004, 10:46 PM   #61
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I have an Olympus D40Z which is a 4MP compact camera that fits in my pocket. The files it produces can be over 2.5MB in size because they aren’t compressed as tightly as the FZ10, and they are noticeably sharper, provide more detail and have less noise than the FZ10. I am convinced that the lack of detail in the FZ10 is because of the heavy compression employed. I still like the camera, but I'm certain that the pictures would look better if they were allowed some "breathing room". It’s just a fact that the more an image is compressed, the worse it will look. Didn’t they add another level of compression to the FZ1/2 for this very reason? Someone must have thought the pictures would look better.
this thread is timely for me. been agonizing between the FZ10 and C750. 'on paper', felt the FZ10 was a clear winner..then began studying similar images from the two at dcresource and Immediately noticed the Oly produces crisper, more detailed photos.

also looked at pics posted by a variety of folks on forums, pbase, etc. i can tell the diff between these two, before knowing which camera took which photo. C750 will be sharper, 'crisper', have dull reds and aquamarinish blues. FZ10 has true reds, unreal (literally) blues, tho not unpleasant, an obvious 2x greater zoom..and lack of detail.

your above is the first time i knew _why_ the FZ10 images are lacking clarity. and what a shame, with so much else going for it..12x optical, IS, constant F2.8. should be unbeatable..but the image quality pulls it down.

still haven't decided..

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Old Mar 1, 2004, 8:08 AM   #62
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I've had this camera for about two weeks and I love it. I'm not sure what people are saying about a "soft picture". I take my pictures with the highest quality, least sharpening and fix the sharpening later. I do this because I resize and manipulate my pictures depending on their use. If I want a web display I'll do different things than if I'm preparing a picture for printing. My first digital camera was a Fuji point and shoot. The pictures were 2mg. - didn't look that great on my monitor or when I'd see my pictures on other computers. However the printed pictures were exceptional. I printed about 50 3X4's of a trip I took to Puerto Rico. Spectacular.

I have not had the time to print my Panasonic pictures but I'm expecting a great result. I get a great result from my Minolta F300 which is a five meg camera but it is very limited. The FZ10 allows me to get pictures I can't get without the stabilizer and the long lens. It takes practice to get the subject in focus with the longest focal lengths and short depth of field. I've noticed that alot of the FZ10 pictures I've seen taken with the telephoto on max are not sharp because the shutter speed is still too low for the stabilizer or the focus point isn't right. I think the clarity of most of these FZ10 pictures is exceptional and shows what you can do, http://www.pbase.com/photomad/currumbin_wildlife. Using a telephoto and manipulating all of the options you have on this camera takes some effort especially with a moving subject but I for one would not have it any other way.
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Did they ever release a new firmware?
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smilepak wrote:
Did they ever release a new firmware?
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