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To date I have been mostly shooting with basic P'n'S-cameras like Ixus XX etc. and now I would like to get some manual control also. I think fz30 would be nice but quite expensive here in Northern Europe so fz5 might be better choice or then I just have to wait... But then I noticed a second-hand fz10 that costs less than half of 30s price. Of course it's not as "good" as 30 but is it really only half as good? And how does it compare with fz5? Or even 20 which I have read more reviews from? Does these models (5/10/20) have any significant differences in image quality. Handling and ergonomics are also important but I don't think they are (anywhere) near fz30. Or how likely it is for this kind of a novice to notice any difference at all in pictures:?

And it seems impossible to test those because local shops don't have any Panas on stock.
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Hi Poooh

I shoot with a FZ10 and so do a few others, There's a also quiet a few FZ5 shooters here as well and both cameras are ideal for a beginner - I started off with my FZ10 and am still learning all the time. The FZ5 is one of the best FZ's you can get your hands on so which ever one you get you can't go wrong.

I find the FZ10 a wee bit difficult to hold comfortably for any long amount of time, so you may find the FZ20/5 better for this.

Here's some FZ10 shots I took this weekend and if you search the forum there a plenty of FZ5 pics about as well.



FZ10 reviews:




FZ5 reviews:







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