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Hey guys, I've been looking hard for a good deal on either a FZ15 or FZ20 and tripped over a pretty good deal on the FZ10. My understanding is (besides the 4MP sensor instead of 5MP) the main difference between the 10 and the 20 is the AF illuminator.

Question to any FZ10 owners out there who may also have experience with either the 15 or 20 is how difficult is it to use in normal indoor snapshooting? Should I hold out for the 15 or 20? Any other issues you are aware of I'm anxious to hear about.

I do a lot of product photography in a crude studio in my garage for articles I write for the web so I locked in on the FZ series for good, high quality shots but the rest of the time I will be shooting my kids and thanksgiving, the usual indoor fare. For studio shooting, I've managed to manipulate optimum manual settings but for casual shooting of snapshots indoors, I pretty much prefer to just point and shoot but I'm willing to make easy tweaks for good shots.
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I don't have XP with the fz10; I shoot with a 20. My experience is that the AF illuminator only works at close range. With the athmosphere lights on, and at some distance, manual focussing is required.

My personal experience with indoors point 'n shooting with the fz20 are not so good; It just takes some time before you can take the shot; Because you're dealing with low light, it will take the cam more time to lock the focus; The more you zoom in, the worse it gets. Not handy with moving subjects. Also, the margin for flash brightness error is fairly small. You have to get used to it. Conclusion: Point 'n shooting will work in bright lighting, at max 3x or maybe 4x zoom.

Good luck deciding! GB

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I will give it a go and try this weekend to have a head to head shootout with the FZ10 and FZ20 in the same indoor type shots. Static shots with lighting the same and also the range of iso settings and it will be in "P" mode. I will keep all onboard settings in both cameras on "low".

Hope to be able to do this since I am curious to what differences there may be other than more cropping space.

BTW I got the FZ20 since I had seen some great shots taken with it and that it also have the AF Lamp and that it has some SCN modes.

My name is Tom and I am a "panaholic"
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I have a FZ10. It is great for outdoor shots. But it isn't the best for indoor shooting. The big problem is that the EVF doesn't brighten in dim light making it very difficult to get just the right expression etc. If it won't focus in limited light the manual focus is absolutely useless. There isn't enough information in the viewfinder for accurate focusing and Panasonic compounded their error in not brightening the viewfinder by not putting the manual focus distance in the viewfinder. The FZ10 also has a very weak flash compared to most cameras, and especially weak compared to the FZ20.

The FZ10 is a great outdoor camera. I have a flash attachment for mine that compensates for the weak flash, but even so it is very hard to take good flash shots with the dim viewfinder. I don't recommend it as a general purpose family camera.

I visited a friend who had a FZ20 and used it a little. It still seems to have the EVF that doesn't brighten in low light and no manual focus distance readout. But it has a much better flash and an assist light.

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vIZnquest wrote:
My name is Tom and I am a "panaholic"
all together "Hi Tom" - seriously thanks both for your candid answers and I look forward to any results. Personally, I don't mind learning certain idiosencricies of a piece of hardware if it delivers but my wife will most likely get frustrated if she has to fiddle with it too much in common indoor situations.

I didn't even think about the scene selector, I guess that could handle the exposure settings but wouldn't help with AF. Greenbaron, I'm assuming you are using single point focus and not the 9 point (or whatever the feature is called). At the recommended single point focus you still have to manually adjust to get good shots?

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I think the FZ10/20 is a great camera, but it sounds like you may need something a little more point and shoot that has low light capabilities. The FZ does great outdoors and can be contolled to use indoors. If your wife needs to use it also and family "quick" indoor shots are needed, I would go with something else. Plus one of the beauties of the FZ is it's zoom and it seems you don't really use that for what your doing. Look around and maybe you'll find something more suited to your situation.IMHO.
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OT... but nice avatar nooner - lmao. You should keep this one!
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