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alexo Nov 15, 2003 10:41 PM

FZ10 and noise
An interesting take on the FZ10 noise issue here

Basically, Gordon suggests that some of the noise is caused by the in-camera sharpening and can be fixed by a firmware upgrade.

alexo Nov 17, 2003 10:34 AM

There's an interesting comparison of high-zoom cameras on a Japanese site.
Here's a fish translation of the page that compares ISO 400 noise.
IMHO, The FZ10 and FZ2 seem to have the worst noise characteristics while the S5000 seems the best.

gstepic Nov 17, 2003 11:42 AM

other comparisons
The Panasonic did not seem to be the best in these shots (it did seem like skin tone a little more washed out) but can this be adjusted with software? When considering all factors, and with me shutter lag is a big deal along with a fast lens, for the price I don't think I will find anything to complain about. I have ordered my FZ10 through onecall and I WILL BE HAPPY with my camera no matter what any future reviews expose. This camera is priced several hundred below all the others I was considering and I know I will be getting another camera in a couple of years so the price is an important factor.

alexo Nov 18, 2003 10:09 AM

Re: other comparisons

Originally Posted by gstepic
can this be adjusted with software?

The information that I found on the net seems to indicate that a lot of issues can be fixed with a firmware upgrade.

Now, I know that the FZ10 is easily upgradable. I also know that Panasonic engineers are more then capable. So it all boils down to policy and priorities.

The recently available FZ1 --> FZ2 upgrade makes me hopeful.

Normcar Dec 18, 2003 9:52 PM

Firmware upgrades
I'm doing my best to stop chuckling. Thousands all over the world heard about the FZ1, like me, and then wet their pants about the "semi-pro" version, FZ10, with all of those He-man manual controls. I got sucked into the promo too and bought an FZ10 rather than the tried and tested FZ1. Now all I'm hearing about are the horror stories (that I can unfortunately verify in real time) such as EVF nightmares in manual mode, noise, terrible indoor response, breakdowns. It's poetic justice that I should be rebuked for my foolish fanatacism. But no, let's not stop here, let's continue this irrational fanatacism with the great and magnificent "firmware upgrade!" I'd like to upgrade my self-control on buying things on a whim. I say, "here here" to those FZ1 owners who didn't get sucked into the hype. Let that little automatic "gem" keep on proving itself to you!!

UnfocusedBing Dec 19, 2003 1:10 AM

Re: Firmware upgrades

Your first few posts in this forum were reasonable, but now your cynical and sarcastic comments are becoming repetitive drivel. Do you really feel the need to post your same criticisms in each and every thread on this forum?

I don't shoot indoor sports at all, but the limited information I have come across on the Internet in the past has always advocated 2 things:

1. Get a SLR for competent indoor action photography. Shutter lag, high ISO noise, AF speed is always cited as being inadequate even in the best prosumer models. The column that you have cited a couple times gave one viewpoint, but you have to realize that photographers choose a camera that fits their needs. What kind of photos do those photographers take? Did the article cite good high-speed action shots?

2. Always try out a camera first... whether at a bricks-and-mortar store or buy from a dealer that has a return policy. Your bitterness leads me to believe that you didn't do this so you're stuck with it... well, try selling it on ebay or of to recoup most of your money. Instead of spending your time spewing your vitriole on the net, just get on with your photographic hobby and move forward... Getting enjoyment out of photography is a lot more rewarding.

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