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Now I have yet to see the bonus of the FZ20 over FZ10, so those who have used both or seen both, someone convince me why FZ20 is superior to FZ10 and worth the upgrade?

Or should I wait to FZ1000
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IMO the FZ20 is no doubt a better cam in terms of features such as better grip, tiff support, Focus assist lamp, higher pixels count,and faster focus.

Howeverafterexamining hundreds of pictures from both FZ10 & the FZ20, I strongly believe that the FZ10 have better picture quality because it have less noise and less artifacts. The FZ20 pictures clearly show more noise and most of them have a "+" artifacts when view at 100%-200%. This artifacts are not present on the FZ10 shots which in my opinion is clearly superior. Now I dn't know what cause these "+" artifacts but it hurts to see them. These Atifacts and noise get worst if you apply USM to it. I have also examine the tiff shot from the FZ20 and it is almost identical with those "+"artifactsstill present. So who needs tiffwith 15MB picture size thatdoesn't improve the picture quality. So the tiff features pana include is just a gimmick. Pana could have done better by giving us more jpeg compression options such ashigh quality jpeg.

Now I know most people will argue that we don't look at pictures at 100% and the noise and artifacts will not show up in prints. That is true but again don't allcam can make good 4R printswithout any noticeable noise! So does that mean all the digicam are good? Of course the noise can be remove by using noise removal software but that would result is loss of details. A good cam wouldn't need all the unnecessary PP.

Therefore IMHO, ifpicture quality are of utmost important to you than stick to FZ10. After all one extra megapixels is not justifiable for the extra noisy picture that you will get from the FZ20.

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