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Default FZ10's lack of TIFF and RAW modes

Is the fact that the FZ10 can't shoot TIFF or RAW a problem for anyone here? It bothers me, because otherwise this looks like the perfect camera, assuming it fits in my hands.

Also, could TIFF and RAW support be added later?
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Default Doesn't bother me...

Sure it would be nice, but I'll just set it to the lowest compression and if I need to alter it in software I can save it as TIFF then if I need more time.
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Default Re: No TIFF or RAW for FZ10

It would be nice to have a RAW option, but the images I've seen (on the web and from my own FZ10) seem to be mostly free of jpeg artifacts.
With another digicam, I took "identical" frames in TIFF and 3 levels of jpeg compression, then compared them. The TIFF wasn't any better than the best jpeg, but both were better than the lower quality jpegs. I'd expected to see both artifacts and loss of subtle toning in even the hi-quality jpeg, but in fact saw almost no artifacts; certainly none that would have been visible in a print. There was a slight tonal dispersion, but that was also present in the TIFF's, so the camera itself was causing it, not the compression.
In theory, Panasonic could add TIFF and/or RAW and/or an extra-fine jpeg level as a Firmware upgrade (if there's enough memory for the extra instructions), but they've given the impression in the past that they don't do that sort of thing. Updates, if any, probably will be to fix bugs.
A standard technique for dealing with jpegs from cameras is to save them as TIFF's once they're in the computer. Then, you can retouch to your heart's content without subjecting them to further degredation from repeated compression. Keeping the original jpegs as backups gives you an efficient fallback if need be.
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