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I love my FZ15 and just can't do without 12X and extra lenses. I have decided to keep it and quit worring about and waiting for a 12X camera that will take low light indoor shots ( Basketball, Weddings, etc.) and just purchase a companion camera that will fill that spot and still be a good out door camera for closer shots. Please help me with some suggestions.

Thanks, Don
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The Sony R1 is most likely king of the hill in the low light(non dslr)area but the Fuji F 10 or 11 will work at a more reasonable price.

Of course an entry level dslr kit could be a good choice.

Maybe a Nikon D50 or the price on the Canon 350XT is due to drop soon.

F10 or 11 then


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Thanks Gene but I did not explain well enough. I plan to keep my FZ15 but add A small camera like the DMC-LZ5 or LZ3 or even another brand if there is one out there that is a lot better. Seems to me like that would be easier than carrying around a DSLR and would still give me quality photos indoors & outdoors, using one for telephoto and wildlife shots and the other when I go to the Grandkids basketball games. Am I expecting to much from one of these small camers? I have never used one.

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hi Don,

No, I don't think you're expecting too much. There are a lot of cameras out there that produce very appealing images inspite of being very compact.
If low noise levels are especially important to you, I would also recommend fuji f10 or f11. I have one myself (f10) and I'm very pleased with the results.
Another idea could be to buy a back-up camera with better wide angle. If I were you, I'd give the canon s80 a closer look. It is compact, has 28 mm wide angle, a large display, a viewfinder (very useful outdoors) and the image quaility is VERY good. If tested one at my father's place and I was really impressed.
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