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I was about to buy an FZ18 to suppliment my Canon 30D as a carry about camera when on holiday, until I saw this. http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/re...ssage=25693455

The phenomenon has not been commented upon in either Steves or DPR reviews.

Has anyone here seen the problem?

To test a camera, take a totally black shot, ie lens cap on, and manual exposure. Then open up in photoshop and set auto contrast. If you have the problem it will be clearly shown. And no, from what I have seen, this does not look like a pixel peeping problem; it looks real enough for me to lack confidence in the camera.

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I would think you would know ....that pictures of the inside of a lens cap are not real interesting ....and running auto levels on a photo is the way for any and all imperfections in a photo to appear.....its the way we check for dust on the sensor, how bad a lens vignettes and those types of things.....I have a FZ18 on the way and while I saw that thread at dpreview it causes me no concern at all.

I have looked at lots of photos from the FZ18 and while I am concerned about the noise reduction....(I would not have ordered a FZ18) but,the 250 dollar price mistake was too good to pass up..... Even if that blue band did show up in the examples they posted, it would still be very little concern to me. Look how many photos have been taken before that fellow discovered the issue.

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That's sometimes referred to as Amp noise. When a camera gets hot, any components in the vicinity if the sensor can cause it, and it usually shows up on longer exposures. See this D80 review for examples:


Chances are, the person testing for it was testing so much that the camera was getting hotter and hotter, contributing to it. ;-)

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