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Default FZ18 broke...how does FZ50 compare? Please help...

I need to make a decision soon because I am in need now and running out of time. My old FZ18, which I absolutely LOVED, went out on me recently. I have been searching the market for a new camera and nothing seems to be absolutely standing out as being a possible next love. After seeing some of the p&s cameras, both past and present, on the market, I really fell in love with the idea of having a manual zoom ring. I actually never even knew that existed in a p&s before. I spent the last several days playing around with and trying out a new Fuji with zoom and focus rings, but have been unhappy with it's noise (even by tweaking ISO and other settings) and it's speed. I mainly take pics of my 2 and 4 year old, very active girls and I find the Fuji can't keep up with them. My old FZ18 on the other hand rarely had noise that I could see and by using the indoor/outdoor sports settings I could keep up with them doing anything...bouncing on the trampoline, going down the slide, even mid-jump into the swimming pool shots. I was even satisfied with the video on the 18 (which is another thing, I do want a camera with video).

However, after playing with this Fuji, I do find that I do indeed love that zoom ring, so I would really like to find a camera that will perform both indoor with flash, and outdoor, and keep up with my kids' play without blurring them, but also have that zoom ring. I am not opposed to buying used right now, especially since I am in immediate need of a camera with a vaca and holidays coming up. Does the FZ50 perform at least equally as well as the FZ18? I know they are not the same thing, but what are the differences? I have found a 50 on sale right now for under $200 with a decent return policy and small warranty, so that is why I am thinking about it. Thoughts?

By the way, I am aware that the FZ35 has been recommended and am thinking about it as well. Although it is a much newer camera, I would be giving up the zoom ring...so pros and cons. Is it really that much better than the 50 (given the fact that I was extremely satisfied with the performance of my 18) that it is worth giving up another feature I really wanted? Also, if there are other cameras on the market that might fit my needs better, feel free to suggest.
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The Fz-35 very clearly out performs the FZ-50 with ease in every aspect.

If you liked the FZ-18, you will love the FZ-35. If manual zoom is that important to you, then you should be shopping for a DSLR camera. However the cost will be 2.5 to 3 times the cost of a brand new FZ-300 at $300.00.

Sarah Joyce
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I'll second that - I love the FZ35


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