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pretty clear to me... Kreciu was responding to the original question of this thread about indoor vs outdoor photography, saying his father - a longtime photographer - knew someone with a Fuji 9000, and that the indoor shots from that camera were blurry. he then mentioned taking about 100 photos while riding in a car at 45mph or more, and only 2 of them were blurry, and finished by saying that"everything depends" [on the photographer, the camera, and the light].

he went on to say that not all shots are intended to be "good photos" - sometimes they're just snapshots to show "the folks back home" who have never been here what it looks like. i've posted numerous shots on this forum that were not my best work, but i posted them because i know this forum has members all around the world, and many may never have seen what this part of the country looks like. even a snapshot can show a lot to someone who has never visited, so i sometimes put up pictures of the area i live in, not to impress with my attempts at photographic excellence, but just to show folks what it's like where i live.
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Yes this not depend on language I'm always like that :roll:

squirl033 thank you very much for explenations! This is exactly what I wanted to say

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Thanks a lot, Rocky (squirl). You are very kind. Makes sense now.

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